Noel Leeming's essentials: must-have gadgets of the year

If you are looking for a place in New Zealand that offers the latest in tech essentials, Noel Leeming is the best place.

From the very beginning, Noel Leeming aimed to supply its customers with electronic products for retail and wholesale. It is also an authorized importer of brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and LG, and offers discounted gadgets in the country.

Although Noel Leeming has a long history in the New Zealand market, other electronic chains such as JB HI-FI and Tech Outlet have a strong foothold in the local scene. What to buy in Noel Leeming? These are the must-have gadgets of the year:

Sony WF-1000XM5 headphones

It is one of the brands that does things better and it shows in their high-end headphones. The latest addition to its catalog is the Sony WF-1000XM5, a model that rounds out all the good things of previous generations.

Its size is compact, both the case and the headphones, so wearing them is a delight. The audio quality is impeccable and the noise cancellation is the best on the market.

Huawei watch GT 4

While this watch enters through the eyes for its beautiful design that has nothing to do with most smartwatches, its goodness doesn’t stop there.

This watch lasts a whole week on a single charge and the Huawei Health app is one of the best there is. Not only does it show you the calories you burn while exercising, but you can also keep track of the calories you take in to keep track in case you want to make a calorie deficit. It also monitors your heart rate, how you breathe while you sleep and even tracks your menstrual cycle.

And if you don’t want to be always aware of your cell phone, but you don’t want to miss anything, with this watch you can read your messages and even respond with emojis.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

It's the flip phone that when you take it out, everyone asks you about it and its trendy design. Plus, it has an exterior screen that gives you a lot of information without having to open it. You can even take selfies from it.

In fact, with its FlexCam mode, you can take photos and videos from any perspective. The best thing is that you can open it at any angle and it stays like a mini laptop, perfect for video calls, TikToks or watching your favorite series without having to hold it.

Voice assistants

Voice assistants make it even more convenient to control devices, since, by interconnecting them, they allow you to give them instructions through voice commands. Google Home Mini, for example, is an effective alternative as it can be linked to a wide number of devices such as televisions, lights, a robot vacuum cleaner, home appliances and more.

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Noel Leeming's essentials: must-have gadgets of the year

Pak'nSave's buys: affordable groceries for every Kiwi household

The Pak'nSave supermarket chain has several benefits for Kiwi shoppers. One of the most prominent are the coupons that vary depending on the day and allow you to save money, and of course the Pak'nSave budget-friendly buys. Pak'nSave is known for its variety of fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. In addition, it has a wide range of own brands at more competitive prices. Another of the advantages of this chain is that it offers the option of buying online and receiving the purchase at home or going to one of its stores to pick it up. For unlimited time, Tesco has affordable groceries in New Zealand, to the point that you can get products at up to 50% off. There are other supermarkets like Fresh Choice and Countdown that are no slouches with deals either. Back to Pak'nSave, these are the bag big savings on British essentials:

Bluebird Originals Ready Salted Potato Chips 150g for $1.69

Ploughmans Bakery Soy & Canterbury Linseed Bread 750g for $3.79

Country Soft Canola Oil And Buttermilk Spread 500g for $4.59

50% off vitamin specials

Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Sharing Crisps for $2.20

Aside from taking advantage of the products that are discounted in price, you have to keep in mind some tips to make your shopping at Pak'nSave more efficient. Pay attention and schedule them!

Make a list by sections

Think about the sections of the supermarket and what you will need in each one of them. Decide which meats you are going to buy, which fruits you want or the frozen foods you need. Not only will you save at the supermarket, but you will also waste less time. This tip is useful for online shopping.

Don't shop hungry

Going to the supermarket hungry makes you buy what you don't really need. Having an appetite greatly affects our choices, especially when we browse the aisles of cookies and candy. It is advisable to go to the supermarket with a full stomach.

Pay attention to discounts

To reduce expenses, you can look for special offers in advance, write down discounts and promotions and check the brochures of the supermarket. Nowadays there are many subscriptions available on the Internet and even cell phone applications that send alerts and notifications with the latest offers. When you go to Pak'nSave, don't forget to check the promotions by carefully reading the label and the name of the product. Try to make the most of loyalty cards as well. They are a way to access exclusive coupons and save money on groceries.

Buy seasonal offers

The expiration date of products can be important for savings. When a product is about to expire, supermarkets tend to lower its price. To avoid waste you can buy these products that usually have labels with a different color to warn the consumer.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the best supermarkets in New Zealand. Pak'nSave has affordable groceries for every Kiwi household!


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Pak'nSave's buys: affordable groceries for every Kiwi household

How Sulco became New Zealand's go-to retailer

If you want to get the best tools and equipment in New Zealand, choose Sulco. This chain is based in Auckland and markets products through its locations and e-commerce, by phone or with its fleet of trucks. How did Sulco become the New Zealand retailer of reference? It started operations in 1964 and is part of GPC Asia Pacific, which is an international automotive parts specialist. GPC Asia Pacific has more than 550 stores in both New Zealand and Australia. Over the years and with the influence of GPC Asia Pacific, Sulco became a well-known hardware retailer in the country. Sulco offers products from Knipex, a German manufacturer of high quality pliers, wrenches and other tools. Every product they sell is created using the highest standards and quality materials. And part of their business strategy and sales success lies in product quality. Automotive shops from Kaitaia to Bluff rely on Sulco for their commercial tooling needs. From power tools, hand tools, workwear, Milwaukee hygiene and safety products to pipe liners and automotive shop equipment, they can help you with it all. As for the tool division, Sulco has 20 tool vans and tool trucks on the road in New Zealand. Each of these vehicles has between 600 and 900 tool items available for sale. Their tool sales representatives routinely visit workshops in the regions in which they operate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, making their tools available to customers and assisting them in locating replacement tools, including those that are considered hard to find. On the service side, Sulco has an in-house service team based in Auckland to support the market on all the equipment they sell. Outside of Auckland, they work closely with service agents to keep the automotive equipment they supply up and running. They provide an in-house team with national coverage for support of all BM Brake Roller Test and Stertil Skylift systems. In the pipeline division, Sulco offers coatings and tapes for wrapping and sealing pipelines for the petrochemical and water industries, including wastewater. And as for the Automotive Equipment division, it has a long history of offering the best brands available in the workshop space. Whether you need to lift, test brakes, supply air, scan vehicles for diagnostics or service wheels and tires, Sulco is your best choice. Another great thing about Sulco is that there are so many ways to save money. Visit their website to find amazing discounts and check out their latest catalogs with all the deals of the moment. You can also subscribe to Sulco for exclusive offers and promotions.

Sulco's top products

Variety and good value are the store's hallmarks. You can find cutting tools, hammers, wheels and tires, drills, batteries, chargers, presses, cabinets, organizers, and much more.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores in New Zealand. If your car broke down and you don't know where to go because you don't trust the treatment they can give you, come to Sulco.


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How Sulco became New Zealand's go-to retailer

Easter around the corner: how different cultures celebrate

Not all cultures celebrate Easter in the same way. Depending on the continent or even the country, the forms vary. A review of the most common traditions. The Easter egg is characteristic in many parts of the world. In New Zealand there are many stores where you will find this tasty delicacy loved by young and old.

Western Europe

In many Western European countries such as Spain, France, Italy and Germany, Easter is a major celebration that includes religious processions, dramatic reenactments of the Passion of Christ, masses and festivals. It is also customary to eat dishes typical of the season, such as Easter lamb and Easter eggs.

Eastern Europe

In countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Poland, Easter is celebrated with traditions that date back to the pre-Christian era. Orthodox Easter is celebrated with a combination of religious rites and pagan festivals, and typical dishes include Easter bread and hand-painted eggs.

North America

In the United States and Canada, Easter is celebrated with traditions that include Easter egg hunts, visits from the Easter Bunny and family meals. It is also customary to eat themed chocolates and candies.

Latin America

In many Latin American countries, Holy Week is an important celebration that includes religious processions, dramatic performances and popular festivities. In some places, such as Mexico and Guatemala, processions with religious figures take place in the streets, and altars and offerings are made to honor the dead.


In countries such as the Philippines and South Korea, Easter is celebrated by Christian communities with religious rites, processions and masses. It is also customary to eat traditional meals such as rice pudding and sweet buns.


In Africa, Easter is celebrated in Christian communities with an Easter Vigil in which hundreds of people gather in the church building from three to six o'clock in the afternoon, when it is already dark. The temple is decorated with Vitenge and Kanga, clothes made in the shape of butterflies, flowers and banana trees. Christian hymns are sung to the sound of drums and traditional dances are also celebrated, which continue in the houses with the family meal. In Africa, Holy Week has a spiritual but also a social dimension.

Australia and New Zealand

In Australia, the rabbit is considered an invasive (pest), as it is an imported species that spreads rapidly, proving a danger to native species. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the Easter bunny is not very popular among Australians. Instead of using the symbol of the rabbit, since the 1970s they have chosen to replace it with the Bilby, which is a native marsupial that looks similar to the rabbit. In New Zealand, on the other hand, the symbol of Easter is the kiwi. In both places it is also a tradition for children to look for Easter eggs in gardens.

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Easter around the corner: how different cultures celebrate

Vintage vibes: exploring retro and thrift stores in New Zealand

The shopping scene in Wellington, New Zealand's capital, is as eclectic as the city's cultural vibe. It's a great place to shop, with vintage and thrift stores to drive any tourist crazy. A guide to the places to visit and shop without spending too much. Exploring thrift stores is always an alternative for our pocket. We can get products in very good condition, branded, and at really low prices. Circular fashion is very present and it is also a way to preserve the environment.


Thrift is a sustainable vintage store that opened its doors in 2015. It sells clothing from Wellingtonians who need to clean out their closets, giving them a fraction of all profits. Retro and vintage labels fill the store's sleek racks daily and unique handcrafted garments are usually tucked in between. In addition to helping people recycle and update their closet in an eco-friendly way, Thrift also uses its profits to support a local animal shelter.

Newtown Vintage Market

A relatively new addition to Wellington's bustling market scene. Inspired by the vintage market scene in Christchurch and the prevailing alternative style of the Wellington suburb of Newtown, Kate Peters decided to establish the Newtown Vintage Market in late 2016. Peters had been involved in several markets in her hometown of Littelton and hoped to create a space that would support local artists and creative vendors of all backgrounds and interests. From plants to vintage clothing to antiques, this is definitely a good community initiative to keep on your radar.


If you love vintage and contemporary designer brands, Ziggurat is the place to visit. This thrift store has been in the business of selling genuine vintage pieces since the 1980s. Their clothing is more expensive than many other stores, but the quality and timeliness of each garment makes the investment really worth it.

Wellington Flea Market y Car Boot Sale

An even newer community initiative. The Wellington Flea Market and Trunk Sale began operations in May 2017. It features more than 30 different stalls covering all the market must-sees, from food to vintage fashion.


Emporium specializes in hand-harvested items, native to the U.S. Each season they travel to California to source the best yarns, from couture classics to elegant 1960s yarns and epic street style pieces. The store originated in Christchurch and relocated to Wellington's Cuba Mall a few years ago. Notable contemporary brands you'll find on Emporium's racks include Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.


Spacesuit is a vintage fashion store that likes to stay away from the mainstream. It features hard-to-find retro imports from the US, Europe, Japan and Korea, with a particular focus on 90's men's fashion. Everything is personally selected to ensure that quality prevails, and alternative fashion and accessories are always a strong suit for this budget boutique.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite stores in New Zealand. Remember that you can browse thrift stores to find amazing products at crazy prices.


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Vintage vibes: exploring retro and thrift stores in New Zealand

Cashback rewards unleashed: getting the most bang for your buck

Cashback rewards have become increasingly popular and offer consumers a way to get cashback on their purchases. Whether through credit cards, online shopping platforms or dedicated cashback apps, these rewards programs have revolutionized the way we shop and save. First a clarification... What are cash back rewards? They are incentives offered by credit card companies, retailers or online platforms that allow consumers to get a percentage of their cash back purchases. Basically, when you make a qualifying purchase, a certain percentage of the total amount spent is credited to your account as cashback. How can you help New Zealanders get the most bang of their buck? Pay attention and start using it as a benefit for yourself. Most stores in the country have cashback policies and you could even use it to increase your income.

Incentive for responsible spending

Cashback rewards can serve as an incentive for responsible spending habits. Knowing that you'll get cash back for your purchases encourages you to think twice before making impulse purchases. This can help you stay on track with your financial goals and avoid unnecessary debt. Imagine you're looking at a new pair of shoes that cost $150. You know that by using a cashback app you can get a 5% rebate on your purchase. This might make you reconsider whether you really need the shoes or if you can find a more affordable alternative.

Rewards can be accumulated

Many cashback programs allow you to accumulate rewards, which means you can earn rebates on top of existing discounts or promotions. This can generate even greater savings and maximize the value of your purchases. Let's say you find a great deal on a cell phone that is already 15% off. By using a cashback credit card that offers a 5% rebate on electronics, you can get that extra as a discount. This accumulation of rewards can make a significant difference.

Increased buying power

One of the most important advantages of cashback rewards is the boost they provide to your purchasing power. By taking back a percentage of your cash back purchase, you essentially get a discount on every transaction. This can generate significant savings over time, allowing you to stretch your budget even further and afford things you might not have been able to otherwise.

Flexibility in redemption options

Cashback rewards generally offer flexibility in how you redeem earned cash back. Either by direct deposit to your bank account, statement credit or gift cards. You have the freedom to choose the method. For example, if you prefer to use your cashback rewards for your monthly bill payments, you can opt for a statement credit that reduces the amount you owe. On the other hand, if you like to treat yourself to a shopping spree, you can redeem your cash back as gift cards to your favorite stores.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite stores in New Zealand. Experiment with cash back rewards and grow your economy. Hurry up!


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Cashback rewards unleashed: getting the most bang for your buck

Kiwi culinary delights: delicious food and beverage

Maori culture is deeply rooted in New Zealand and its cuisine has a lot to do with it. It isn’t only a country to visit its beautiful beaches or known for its rugby team “All Blacks”, but also a place to enjoy delicious food and drinks. There's no more authentic way to explore the Kiwi nation than through its food. This country has a range of delicious and unique meals, sweets and drinks that you should definitely try on your trip. You can even learn the recipes, go to any store, buy what you need and prepare a delicious dinner yourself. Let's take a look at its culinary delights:


Hangi is a traditional Maori dinner cooked in an earth oven. The process of cooking hangi involves placing food such as potatoes, meat, vegetables and kumara (Maori sweet potato) to cook underground with the help of hot rocks. The result is a delicious delicacy that has a unique smoky and earthy flavor. It is a unique culinary experience.

Kiwi burger and kumara

The Kiwi burger is a burger unique to New Zealand. Beef or lamb, these burgers feature lettuce, tomato, fried egg and sliced beet. It's a delicious combination of flavors that reflects the Kiwi food culture. As an accompaniment you can add kumara. It is a variety of sweet potato grown in New Zealand. It is cooked in a variety of ways, such as roasted, fried or mashed. It is a popular accompaniment to kiwi dishes and provides a sweet and comforting taste.

Pineapple Lumps

Nor can‍ you miss the traditional sweet known as Pineapple Lumps, which is a chocolate-covered pineapple-based treat. Although it may seem like a strange combination, it is a sweet that you will love from the first bite and that you will only find in this land.

Feijoa and kiwi

Feijoa is a fruit typical of New Zealand that is used in various desserts. From cakes to ice cream, this fruit brings a unique and unmistakable flavor to any sweet treat in which it is used. Not least, there is the famous kiwi. This fruit is one of the most representative of New Zealand and is also found in a wide variety of desserts.

Local beer

New Zealand is also famous for its craft beers. From light to dark beers, there's one for every palate. Some‍ of the most popular brands‍ are Moa, Tuatara and Epic. There's nothing like having a cold beer after a day of adventures in this wonderful country!

Pinot Noir from Central Otago

The country is world renowned for its Pinot Noir, especially those from the Central Otago region. The vineyards nestled among the spectacular mountains in the south of the country produce wines with notes of red fruits and spice, resulting in a full-bodied and ‍ exceptionally flavorful drink.

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Kiwi culinary delights: delicious food and beverage

The artistry behind quality kiwi goods

“Kiwi” means many things in New Zealand. A bird, the nickname of the locals and a very distinctive fruit that almost every dessert in the country has. Let's focus on the fruit. Although kiwi is now a regular on supermarket shelves, it wasn’t always so. Kiwi originated in the Far East and has been cultivated in China for many centuries. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the kiwifruit reached the shores of New Zealand, when Isabel Fraser brought back a few seeds from one of her travels. Its original name is yang tao. However, the real twist came in 1959, when the fruit adopted the name kiwi in homage to New Zealand's national bird. It may sound strange, but both the fruit and the bird have a lot in common: they are small, brown and furry.

A quality kiwi

Most kiwifruit comes from New Zealand. 2,700 kiwifruit farmers produce about 3.7 billion kiwifruit per year. The fruit is sold in 55 countries. The secret of quality kiwifruit? Most of New Zealand's kiwifruit plantations are located in the Bay of Plenty on the North Island. This enclave enjoys an ideal climate for the delicious and healthy kiwifruit to flourish and grow: plenty of sunshine, sufficient rainfall, cool in winter and no frost in spring. In addition, the soil is volcanic and very fertile. Kiwis are also grown in Europe. There are growers in Italy (especially in the Emilia-Romagna and Lazio regions) and in the southern fringe of France (Corsica and Aquitaine), where the climate is also warm with mild winters. Kiwis are also cultivated in Australia, Japan, South Korea and Chile. The Zespri company is a major contributor to these good results, as the kiwifruit industry is the largest in New Zealand's horticultural sector in both volume and export value. Zespri's leading market position is the result of strategic investment, innovative marketing and product development. Zespri has partnered with growers in the northern hemisphere (Europe and Asia) to ensure year-round supply and invests heavily in research and development to continually develop new varieties.

How to choose a good kiwi

Before eating them, gently press the whole fruit with your fingers. It has to feel still turgid, but also give a little, like the flesh in the palm of your hand. If it is too hard, it will be too acidic, so put it to wait next to a banana or avocado to speed up the ripening process. Kiwi combines well with blueberries, apples, red fruits, tropical flavors (coconut, mango, banana) and dairy products such as yogurt or cheese. It is also exquisite with honey. It goes well with white and dark chocolate in sweets. It can be cooked to make jam or incorporated into puddings or cakes perfectly.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite stores in New Zealand. If you go to this wonderful country, enjoy the kiwifruit in all its varieties. It’s fresh and combines very well with other flavors.


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The artistry behind quality kiwi goods

The history of Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain and countries related to the British Empire such as New Zealand. It is a day in which the donation of gifts to the poor is promoted. What is the origin of Boxing Day? The term is mistakenly associated with the idea of ​​getting rid of Christmas wrapping. But the truth is that this day has a much older and deeper origin, in the Middle Ages. It is believed that at that time the noble classes delivered Christmas baskets with food to their servants and the priests displayed boxes with charitable donations. Another theory says that that day the workers went to their workplace with a box for the boss to deposit money and at the end of the day the employees distributed it to them as if it were a bonus.

How is Boxing Day celebrated in New Zealand?

It is an official holiday. Employees who work during Boxing Day are compensated with extra pay. In addition, families enjoy the day going to the beach or the countryside, celebrating family gatherings and shopping at sales. There are two times of the year when all stores in New Zealand agree to present their discounts: during the winter season (Winter Sales) and the time after Christmas (Summer Sales or Boxing Day Sales). Plan ahead. If you spend Christmas in New Zealand, you can take advantage of the opportunity to start your shopping for Three Kings Day, since most New Zealand stores advance their sales to Boxing Day. It is best to dedicate a day to shopping at sales and opt for one or two specific areas of the busiest cities in New Zealand for your search for offers. In these downtown areas you will find the most exclusive and sophisticated brands that are very attractive during the sales season. Also interesting are the sales of small stores and large franchises of economic fashion, where you will surely be able to get good bargains.

How to get the best Boxing Day discounts?

  • Pay attention to the dates and opening hours of your favorite stores on Boxing Day.
  • Search the stores' websites for the products you are interested in and make a shopping list.
  • Take a look at the store floor plans to familiarize yourself with the organization and layout of the sections. This way you will be able to orient yourself better once you arrive at the store and you will save time.
  • Bring a light backpack with a few bottles of water and some cereal bars to hold you over, as you may have to stand in line for a long time.
  • It is better to go to the sales in company, so that you have someone to help you later with your shopping bags and you can organize yourselves better to hunt for the Boxing Day bargains.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores in New Zealand. Take advantage of Boxing Day deals. Hurry up!


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The history of Boxing Day

Christmas traditions: embracing the magic of the season

While Europe and North America expect cold weather and snowfall for Christmas, New Zealanders enjoy the summer vacations by escaping to the great outdoors or going to city festivals. It sounds crazy, but many travelers consider the Christmas season the best time to live in New Zealand for a season. Its traditions and the magic of the moment make it truly beautiful to share this time of year in the oceanic country. Since the end of November, Kiwis have been getting into the Christmas spirit. On the last Friday of the month, department stores launch offers in the local version of Black Friday. This day coincides with the Santa Parade in the main cities of New Zealand. On these days you will see the streets crowded with people enjoying the parade of Santa and his elves, buying gifts for Christmas and taking home the traditional pine tree.

Christmas Eve Dinner

On the night of December 24, the traditional dinner with family and close friends takes place. Christmas morning is dedicated to opening presents. At noon, people go to the parks or to the beaches to spend the whole day. Dinner begins with baked potatoes, a salad or peas and bacon. This is followed by typical New Zealand Christmas dishes. You may be served a piece of roast turkey, stuffed with vegetables or nuts. The other option is glazed or smoked ham.

Christmas markets

If you love shopping and bargains, you can't miss at least one of the Christmas markets that are set up all over New Zealand. There you can buy fruit, vegetables, food and handicrafts. You will also find a wide variety of second-hand items. One of the most famous is the Farmers Market in Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island. The products of local farmers and ranchers are regularly traded here every Saturday. In December, seasonal items and themed events are added.

Christmas in the Park

Between the end of November and the first half of January, Christmas in the Park arrives in New Zealand. This is the name of the series of concerts and shows taking place in major cities across the country. They are free and outdoors. This event is undoubtedly one of the attractions to see in Auckland, the largest city in the country. More than 250,000 people gather there to enjoy international music, eat, drink and dance until the body can take it.

Christmas parade

One of the Christmas events in New Zealand that will leave you amazed is the Christmas parade. We already know that it is common in almost every country in the northern hemisphere. But, imagine Santa crossing the streets in his sleigh under the summer sun and his elves following him in sandals. This holiday occurs between the last Friday of November and December 1.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite stores in New Zealand. Enjoy the magic of Christmas with lots of warmth, sun and beach. You won’t regret it!


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Christmas traditions: embracing the magic of the season

Black Friday survival guide: tips for navigating the crowds and chaos

Black Friday has become one of the most eagerly awaited campaigns by consumers, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. This day marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Long queues, pushing and shoving, and fights have been a classic since its first edition in 2005. New Zealand is no exception. The early hours of this bidding campaign have in previous years resulted in numerous fights and even broken appliances. What to do to get around the crowds and chaos generated by this event? Here is a survival guide for the upcoming Black Friday on November 24. Pay attention and you will emerge victorious from this particular day of discounts.

Buy online

Stay connected to the computer and when the clock strikes 12, start shopping. Do it online so you won't have to deal with the crowds in the stores. It is true that seeing the product face to face is tempting, especially if you are going to pay a good amount for it, but online shopping speeds up and solves part of the dilemma. Plus you'll have more time to spend on other tasks.

Analyze all the options

Don't be dazzled by the first thing you see. Also analyze the competition and look at all the options available to you. Because on Black Friday there are many stores that offer supposedly discounted items that the day before cost exactly the same. Many retailers place a variety of items with small discounts and in the aggregate don't end up making a difference in terms of savings.

Take advantage of opportunities

If you are going to have to buy Christmas gifts in a few weeks, why not take the opportunity to do it now instead of leaving it to the last minute? Remember that many of the products offered on Black Friday are limited in stock. As mentioned above, making a list of what you need will allow you to get organized and be able to evaluate options to make sure you don't come in under budget for Christmas.

Don't buy what you already have

Despite having a TV, we may find an offer that makes us think we need another one when we really already have a good set at home that we don't even use often. We should use sanity before clicking on the cart and buying it, no matter how good the deal is. There are other examples that can make us buy unnecessarily, although only you can draw the line between buying and not buying.

Research about the store

If you are looking for the best prices, it is essential to know how the store you want to buy from during Black Friday works, making sure you know the types of discounts and sales it offers. Make sure you also know if they offer “flash offers” for a limited time.

My Deals 365 brings you the best catalogs of your favorite brands so you can make the most of the Black Friday discounts. It is this November 24. Hurry!


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Black Friday survival guide: tips for navigating the crowds and chaos

Postie: a New Zealand fashion success story

If you are thinking of dressing cool and fashionable, in New Zealand you will find the right place: Postie. No New Zealander can resist the clothes from this local store. It currently has more than 60 branches and also operates online. Postie is truly a fashion success story in the country. You can find all kinds of clothes and for every body, without a doubt a plus that not all stores respect. What can you find in Postie for this spring-summer season? We review the brand's must-haves.

Oversize t-shirts

Oversize t-shirts are no longer exclusive to skaters and bikers. Many famous singers and actresses upload photos to their networks with this type of garments. They are a “must have” for the spring-summer season. What are they about? T-shirts, blouses and even pants several sizes bigger than you normally wear. At Postie you can find oversize shirts for $25,90.

Cargo pants

You think you don't need them until you see cargo pants in a shop window. They are the latest fashion trend and can be perfectly combined with an oversize t-shirt. Cargo pants have a very particular design: they are loose and have many large and square pockets that protrude from the garment. They used to be worn only by men, but now women are encouraged to wear them. At Postie there are beautiful cargo pants for $35. Run to buy a pair for yourself.

Mini skirts

If there's something classic about the '90s, it's the pink mini skirts. They were the dream of every teenage girl and they came back this 2023 with even more strength. They were the cliché of every Hollywood movie and singers like Britney Spears immortalized them. The ideal accessory? A black top so that the eyes focus on the skirt. At Postie you can get mini skirts for $29.

Transparent dresses

Transparencies are back in trend in all kinds of garments, especially in dresses. If you aren’t shy, you can take this option when you have an important outing. Knowing how to combine this dress with good shoes and a handbag will make you really shine. Postie has sheer knit mini dresses for $22. What’s the secret? Choose underwear that complements and softens the dress.

Jeans with pearls

Jeans are a classic of all seasons. Even more now if we complement it with pearls to give it a little glamor. If you don't like to wear dresses, pearl jeans are the option for a gala party. Combining it with a simple jacket will be the key. At Postie you will find a wide variety of jeans in all price ranges. The cheapest ones are $35. A brand of excellence in denim.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite fashion stores in New Zealand. If you want to be fashionable without spending much money, you came to the right place. Postie has the best prices in the market and excellent tailoring. Don’t hesitate to visit their stores or buy online!


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Postie: a New Zealand fashion success story

The best beaches in New Zealand for every type of traveler

If you are a beach lover, you have to visit New Zealand. The options are varied and there are beaches for every type of traveler. It will depend a lot on what you are looking for: whether you want to relax and enjoy the sun or surf in this wonderful country.

Piha Beach

Just 45 minutes from Auckland is Piha Beach, one of the paradisiacal beaches of New Zealand. Its black sand (due to the high concentration of iron of volcanic origin) is what is most striking. Apart from the emblematic Lion Rock. What are the activities to do in Piha Beach? Here you can breathe and live surfing. But if you like to stay on land, you can go hiking and guided walks in the Waitakere rainforest. Another advantage is that its proximity to Auckland makes it the perfect place to disconnect from the city.

Hot Water Beach

This beach, located on the Coromandel peninsula, has become super famous in recent years. Its hot springs can reach up to 64 °C. It is a natural event that you can only observe for two hours a day, when the tide goes out. If your traveler profile is that of an adventurer, this place will fill you with adrenaline. This is because the hot springs area is very close to where the waves are produced. The force is so strong that it is considered a dangerous place. If you are going to visit it, make sure you have a guide.

Wharariki Beach

It is another of the beaches in New Zealand that you can access by walking along a path. The best time to visit it is when the tide is low, so you can observe its wonderful scenery: coastal forests mixed with the beauty of hidden caves and sand dunes.

Koekohe Beach

Located north of Dunedin, Koekohe Beach is known for its rock formation. Lined up like giant dragon eggs are the round Moeraki rocks. They are believed to have been carved more than 65 million years ago. In addition to their beauty, the Maori culture has made them the protagonists of their legends. Here you can enjoy, relax and learn about the ancient cultures of New Zealand. From Queenstown you must make a three-hour road trip to get to Koekohe Beach.

Doubtless Bay

There are several names for this magnificent place. Known as Doubtless Bay (after James Cook), it also has the name of La Baie de Lauriston thanks to another explorer. Regardless of its name, the coolest thing about this place is that it is the union of several white sand beaches of New Zealand. If you want a destination that offers several types of activities, it is perhaps the best option. Not only can you swim, fish and sail, but you can also practice water sports with more adrenaline like scuba diving.

If you want to know the beautiful beaches of New Zealand, you have found the place. It's all on My Deals 365. Enjoy your life!


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The best beaches in New Zealand for every type of traveler

Cheap eats in Auckland: a budget-friendly guide

In New Zealand there is no traditional food, although the Maori have dishes and techniques of their culture that have been adapted to recent generations but are still very typical of this ethnic group. The country has a strong Asian influence and also a strong European and Indian presence. The most fascinating thing is to have the opportunity to eat in places from so many parts of the world and to be able to venture out and try new recipes. Here we will share with you a list of cheap restaurants to eat out in Auckland, the most populated city and economic capital of New Zealand. The idea of traveling to another country is to open your mind and discover new flavors, fusions and expand your culinary culture. Take the opportunity to get out of the ordinary and avoid falling into fast food restaurants.


It is a family restaurant chain. The menu is detailed with photos, prices and description. It is Asian food, but it is very well balanced. If you want a rich and filling soup for 17 dollars you will find it here. There is an abundant selection of non-alcoholic beverages such as lemonade, watermelon water and other typical bubble drinks. The coffee has a touch of chocolate.

Non Solo Pizza

It is in Parnell, very close to the city of Auckland. It opened its doors in 1997 and was created by an Italian named Antonio and a Kiwi named Viviane. Today it is one of the favorite restaurants of the locals. We recommend the fried calamari, risotto and pizza from their rustic oven. Favorite pizza: prosciutto crudo and arugula. It has cured ham, mushroom, mozzarella, cream, rocket and shaved parmesan.

The Humerus

It opened a few years ago and brought with it a Latin corner from across the bridge. It is in Takapuna, on the North Shore. It's not all arepas and guaro in Colombia, and Mexico also has its carne asada. And to drink there is sangria, but they have more options like Colombian beer, wine and soft drinks.


It is a Vietnamese type restaurant that is known for its soups. It has a very varied selection of Vietnamese food and several branches in the city. It is a place to eat cheap and gamble for a chicken rice noodles soup. The size is big so you won't need to order a starter.

Farina Pizzeria

It is located in Ponsonby, a very cozy place. Here we can recommend their oven baked pizzas and Neapolitan type, where the real Italian pizza comes from. You can accompany the pizza with an Italian wine or a beer.

The range of food in New Zealand is very varied. You can opt for Asian, Italian, European or Latin food. Experience all you want with food for a really cheap price.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores. If you are thinking of touring this wonderful country, check out our selection of cheap restaurants.


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Cheap eats in Auckland: a budget-friendly guide

How to choose the right materials for your beach house

When summer arrives, there is no one who can resist enjoying a refreshing drink or a good barbecue in the garden and well surrounded by friends and family. And what better way to live those moments than having comfortable and beautiful outdoor furniture. There are many options to suit a variety of uses, from table settings for intimate dinners to loungers for relaxing by the pool. If you are thinking of building your own beach house, you should know which materials to use and which furniture will best suit your spaces. New Zealand is a country characterized by beautiful beach houses. Here we will show you a guide of what you can choose to build your dream house from scratch. In big chains such as NZ Safety Blackwoods, Tradie Republic or PlaceMakers you will find everything you need at the best price in the market.


Wood is a traditional material when building a beach house. It integrates with nature, gives a rustic look and provides an atmosphere disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the city. It also stands out for its durability and resistance to beach conditions. However, being in an environment of natural conditions, exposed to stimuli such as humidity or heat, the composition of the wood can be affected, deteriorating and requiring maintenance at least once a year.


Concrete houses are very durable and do not require a lot of exterior maintenance to preserve their usefulness, only the tarring and painting are eventually worked on. Unlike other materials, which suffer accelerated degradation, concrete withstands any kind of natural conditions. It is one of the favorite beach house construction options for architects because of its long durability and ease of care.

Aluminum and stainless steel

Aluminum and stainless steel are very resistant materials to the different weather changes, especially in this strong summer season. These materials can be used in roofs, railings, furniture and accessories such as locks.


Microcement comes in a wide range of colors and can be applied on different surfaces. It is able to repel water and heat. For this reason, it is an excellent material to use in the exteriors of your beach house. It is durable and resistant.

Roofs with UV protection

The terrace, being the area most exposed to the elements, is one of the places in a beach house that suffers the most damage. To take care of it, it is advisable to have a roof that avoids the entrance of UV rays and provides thermal protection. Materials such as wood, tiles and aluminum are the most recommended, since they resist humidity, wind and sun rays.

Polished cement

Polished cement works to repel water and is not easily scratched by sand. It is also an economical material that does not require much maintenance.

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How to choose the right materials for your beach house

How to avoid getting sunburn in New Zealand

Summer has just arrived in New Zealand and temperatures in some regions exceed 40 degrees Celsius. How to avoid getting sunburn? No need to spend hundreds of dollars to find the cream that best suits your skin type. There is a wide variety of brands in the market and that can be confusing. The best thing to do is to visit specialized stores and get advice from the sellers regarding quality and price. We put together a list of the cheapest quality sunscreens on the market to save you time searching and not to waste your budget.

Dermaveen sunscreen SPF 50

You can get the Dermaveen SPF 50 sunscreen for 16 dollars. It is a 30-gram pot of transparent gel, ideal to avoid the sticky feeling when you perspire. It's perfect for sensitive areas such as the neck, ears, nose and lips. A plus? It provides maximum protection for water sports enthusiasts who are frequently exposed to the sun. Effective UVA and UVB protection and water resistance. Among its descriptions, it also lasts for four hours and is fragrance-free. It is really a good product to take advantage of and at a bargain price compared to sunscreens from other premium brands. It is not an opportunity to miss.

SolarTec sunscreen SPF 50

Another affordable sunscreen alternative can be found at Justine. It is the SolarTec SPF 50 sunscreen that comes in a 280 ml bottle. It costs a little more money, but you get more product. How much? It is available at 23 dollars. This lotion is lightweight, non-sticky and offers high-level, broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. It is enriched with provitamin B5 for additional hydration. Within the SolarTec product range you can find moisturizing and anti-aging creams, also with sun protection. They are a bit cheaper, but their packaging is smaller. In this store there is a wide range of SolarTec items for you to choose from based on your budget.

Solimarca sunscreen SPF 50

In Solimarca’s exclusive stores you will find a wide range of private label products, including sunscreens. Our recommended product is Solimarca sunscreen SPF 50. It's non-greasy, has a rich scent and is available for 34 dollars. All Solimarca’s products are natural, high quality and offered at affordable prices. They have active ingredients that combine both aromatherapy and cosmetic science. There is everything: facial, anti-wrinkle, hand, body and foot creams. Provides superior broad spectrum sun protection from damaging UVA + UVB rays for the whole family. Solimara uses only zinc oxide as the active ingredient and is packed with natural moisturising and nourishing ingredients with a very low allergy risk, making it ideal for sensitive skin. You should also protect yourself with a cap or umbrella when walking on the street.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite stores in New Zealand. Sunscreens are not exclusive for the summer, but it’s the time when they are bought the most. Take advantage of the offers now. Don't miss this opportunity!


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How to avoid getting sunburn in New Zealand

Are tools really cheaper in kits? Here is what you need to know

The tool kit you buy should allow you to perform as many household tasks as possible without any problems. From hanging a curtain to fixing an appliance. Whether you buy one kit or the other will also depend on which tasks you can do yourself. If they are easier fixes, then a basic tool kit will be enough. But if you want to make more delicate repairs, you will need a more special kit. In the big stores in New Zealand such as Bunnings Warehouse and The Tool Shed you can find a wide variety of tool kits at a bargain price. It's just that buying tool kits is so much cheaper. For a modest sum you get several items. And if you're in luck, you can find discounted kits that will make you spend a lot less. You have to pay attention to the tools included in each kit and their material, so that they can last you much longer. Here we recommend some interesting kits if you were thinking of investing.

Black & Decker Power Tool Kit

Black & Decker is a great brand of tools. This kit consists of a cordless hammer drill, cordless sander and cordless jig saw. It also includes two 18v 1.5ah lithium batteries, a charger and a carrying bag.

Einhell Expert Kit Power Tools Kit

The Einhell tool brand offers us the Einhell TE-TK 18 Li kit consisting of two products from the Power X-Change cordless tool family: the powerful TE-CD 18/2 Li screwdriver drill and the TE-AG 18 115 Li angle grinder. Also included in the set are a 1.5 Ah and a 3.0 Ah battery, plus a 30-minute quick-charge charger. The high-performance lithium-ion batteries can be used with all cordless tools in the Einhell Power X-Change family.

Bosch Power Tool Kit Kit 12V

Bosch offers this high quality tool kit consisting of: a GSR 12V-15 screwdriver, a GOP 12V-28 multi-tool, a GDR 12V-105 drill, a GSA 12V-14 saber saw and a GLI 12V-80 flashlight. In addition, it comes with two saw blades: one for metal and one for wood.

Makita Power Tools Kit

This kit consists of six tools: a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, a grinder saw, a screwdriver drill, a hammer drill and a flashlight. It comes with three batteries, a charger and a practical carrying bag.

Stanley Fatmax Power Tool Kit

This combo consists of a screwdriver drill, hammer drill, grinder saw and circular saw for wood. All four tools are cordless and the kit includes two 18v 4ah lithium batteries, a quick charger and carrying bag.

Dewalt Power Tools Kit

It consists of six cordless tools: three drills (one cordless screwdriver, one drill and one hammer), one jigsaw, one circular saw and one flashlight. It comes with three batteries, a charger and plastic carrying cases.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs to buy tool kits at the best price. You have a lot of choices of stores in New Zealand. Consider what you need and choose according to your needs.


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Are tools really cheaper in kits? Here is what you need to know

Best cleaning appliances to save time and money

The modern pace of life means that we have less and less time for housework. We work long hours away and by the time we get home we are tired enough to cook, wash or clean the floors. Thanks to advances in technology, there are appliances that allow us to save time and money in cleanliness and they aren't so expensive. It is a matter of paying attention to offers and discounts. In big appliance chains in New Zealand like Noel Leeming, DTR, Harvey Norman and Godfreys you will find a wide variety of items that will make your daily life easier. Pay attention to the list below.

Magnetic window cleaner

This is one of the most practical and fashionable inventions in the cleaning sector due to its magnificent advantages. You can clean a window inside and out without having to look outside or take unnecessary risks. In other words, you save half the time and prevent possible mishaps. It consists of two magnetic pieces that, when attracted to each other, allow the user to clean both sides of the glass. A very practical and economical item with which you save time and unnecessary effort.

Lint remover

This is one of the most widespread and widely used cleaning solutions, as it is currently present in thousands of homes and businesses. Its function is simple: it is used to remove lint, hair and loose threads. The most commonly used type of lint remover has a bristle construction designed to remove this type of debris.

Cleaning robots

Nowadays there are many types of domestic robots, but not all of them have such an independent automation and functionality as a robot vacuum cleaner. They have a very simple operation, although this is something that will depend on the type of robot and the selected brand. Generally it is as simple as pressing a button and let it work in the room or rooms you consider necessary. They are a great alternative to conventional vacuum cleaners because they offer important advantages such as time saving, convenience and comfort, and energy saving.


One of the great kitchen nightmares is washing dishes. But luckily there are dishwashers. They save us work, detergent and money. It's always a good investment if you have room to spare in your kitchen. You can find a wide range of dishwashers at any of the three stores mentioned above.

Air Purifier

Just because your home looks clean doesn't mean you're safe from air pollution. Due to the various fumes generated in the kitchen, the household chemicals you use to disinfect, pollen or pet hair, the air inside your home can be just as polluted as the air outside. So if it's within your means, we recommend getting an air purifier. These devices capture 99% of the particles that pass through their filters and then emit clean, purified air.

My Deals 365 brings you all discount catalogs from the home appliance stores in New Zealand. Go through the brochures and choose the best and cheapest cleaning appliances for you.


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Best cleaning appliances to save time and money

What is the difference between cheap and expensive linens?

Choosing the white line for the bed is not easy. You may go for cheap sheets and quilts that will ultimately set you back hundreds of dollars. They are usually not of good quality and become piley. It is a matter of knowing how to choose and evaluate the material that makes up each item. At stores like Beds R Us, Freedom Furniture, Smith's City, Bed Bath and Table, and Target you can find the best in linens at bargain prices. It's a matter of diving into the discounts and offers to get a great deal. Now, what is the difference between cheap and expensive linen? Here's a guide to help you buy with confidence and without compromising your budget. There are many quality stores in New Zealand that you can't miss. Also our website is a good alternative to find promotions.

Buy good cotton linen

One of the biggest differences in product quality is the cotton. Check that the sheet, towel or bedspread is made of good cotton. There are many types of materials, yarns, finishes and brands, and you can get lost in the selection. Cotton is the most common material used, for example, for sheets. There are varieties of cotton fabrics for sheets that are very inexpensive and others that are quite expensive. The advantages of the more expensive ones? They regulate temperature naturally and are comfortable and soft. However, due to the type of material, they can easily wrinkle. If you opt for the cheaper ones, they can end up tearing over time.

Yarn count is essential

Thread count is essential if you want quality sheets. On the other hand, natural fibers are the best: avoid polyester sheets. Thread count per square inch has for years been synonymous with quality sheets. The higher the density, the better the quality. If a sheet has a high thread count but is made of bad cotton, it will be heavy, stiff and atrociously hot. If you want cool sheets for the summer, you will have to spend a little more.

Avoid synthetic sheets

Synthetic sheets are cheaper, but they will not help you sleep better. Good quality cotton is expensive, but resistant sheets are a good investment. You can opt for a 50% cotton/polyester blend. They will wrinkle less, but you will lose freshness. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester or acrylic, don't breathe well and are rougher. Polyester sheets are not recommended. Fresh sheets for summer should be made without chemical compounds. If you suffer from allergies, then you will have to be very careful when choosing sheets. The same if your children suffer from asthma or have any respiratory problems.

Children's bed sheets should be of the highest quality. It is vital that no chemicals have been used during the manufacturing process, something very common so that the fabrics don't shrink or have fewer wrinkles when they are taken out of the washing machine.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores in New Zealand. If you are thinking of buying new sheets or towels, don't miss this opportunity.


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What is the difference between cheap and expensive linens?

Super cheap and fun toys for your dog

Puppies love to play. If you have a puppy at home, you can buy him lots of toys so that he doesn't feel lonely if he has to be left alone at some point during the day. An infinity of fun toys for them to entertain themselves. And something very important.... will prevent the puppy from chewing your furniture if he is new at home. With toys they unload their tensions and at the end of the day they will be exhausted and sleep peacefully. In the big New Zealand pet stores like Animates you can find a wide variety of toys at a really convenient price. Our guide to cheap and fun toys for your dog.

Rubber ball

One of the favorite toys of dogs are balls. Our advice is to buy a rubber ball to prevent it from breaking when the dog chews it. It is a source of stress relief for the animal. They are of resistant and durable design and you can get them in various colors and sizes. The ideal would be a rubber ball of 55 centimeters in diameter to avoid having to buy several balls throughout the life of your pet. For 6 NZD you can get a beautiful rubber ball for your puppy. The balls are also used to train our puppy so that after throwing it to a certain place, he will fetch it and bring it back to our location again.

Leather bones

Leather bones are another classic. Not only do they entertain our pet, but they also help to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Apart from improving dental hygiene, these bones satiate the innate instinct of dogs to bite and chew, becoming an excellent tool to relieve stress. Doctors suggest that you buy this type of treats as they help dogs relieve anxiety, thus preventing them from doing so at the expense of your furniture or shoes. The only problem? The bone can get stuck in the throat or digestive tract. If this blockage is not resolved instantly, surgery would be necessary. For 7.78 NZD you can get a pack of three leather bones to have a replacement in case the first one breaks.


If you are thinking about buying a kong, but you don't know how it works, you have come to the right place. It is a food dispenser, but it also works as an intelligence toy. Basically you have to fill the hole with the chosen food and leave it at your disposal. The dog will have to make an effort to remove the food from the inside due to its rigid structure, either by manipulating it with his paws to get it out or by holding it tightly so he can lick the inside. This whole process stimulates his mind and body. Kongs are not very cheap. Their price varies between 39.46 NZD and 71 NZD.

My Deals 365 brings you the best discount catalogs from New Zealand pet stores. There you can find all the promotions and discounts on pet food, clothes and toys for your pets.


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Super cheap and fun toys for your dog

PAK'nSAVE vs Fresh Choice. Which one offers the best deals?

There is a wide range of supermarkets in New Zealand. But there are two chains that make the difference in the country for the variety and quality of their products and their promotions: PAK'nSAVE vs Fresh Choice.They have a very large catalog of items, good prices and really tempting seasonal sales. Although each shopper will choose a specific chain based on taste or loyalty, which of these two supermarkets have the best offers? It is very important to be attentive to the daily and monthly publications they launch in order not to miss any opportunity and to compare prices. After the Christmas and New Year holidays, which generated a lot of spending for New Zealanders, being aware of the promotions and offers that these two big stores have is paramount. Relieving the wallet will be essential to reach the end of the month without debt and with some extra money to invest in a personal whim.


PAK'nSAVE offers a wide range of products. You can find avocados, fruits and vegetables, steaks, pork chops, marinated mussels, potato chips, sodas and alcoholic beverages, salads, chocolate and candy, coffee, prepared foods, cereals, small appliances, and many other products. At PAK'nSAVE you can always save more. You can browse the deals section of their website to find incredible promotions. Also subscribe to their newsletter to receive weekly updates, announcements and relevant information about products, events and seasonal sales on fresh food. The best way to get exclusive offers at PAK'nSAVE is to create an account on their website. You can access exclusive promotions, early booking offers, fuel discounts and many other benefits by simply logging in.

Fresh Choice

Fresh Choice also offers a variety of options. You'll find everything at the best prices: fruits and vegetables, snacks, candy, fresh foods, DIY and gift items, pet food, plants, coffee and tea, small appliances, party supplies, toiletries, garden tools, and many more. Fresh Choice offers special weekly promotions that make shopping at this supermarket even cheaper than usual. You can browse the deals section on their website to find amazing discounts and promotions or subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest news. The best way to get exclusive offers at Fresh Choice is to create an account on their website. You will be able to access members-only promotions, accumulate points, earn rewards and financing options on all your purchases. There are many opportunities for you to save as much as possible at the supermarket. It will be a matter of checking the offers of PAK'nSAVE and Fresh Choice and choose one of these two big chains with physical presence in New Zealand.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the main supermarkets in New Zealand. Take the opportunity to browse through each one of them and look for the best deals. If you start controlling your spending, you will be able to balance your finances better. Don't miss this opportunity and save as much as you can. Make your money work for you.


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PAK'nSAVE vs Fresh Choice. Which one offers the best deals?

Essential garden tools you need in your house

You don't need to be a gardening expert to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. All you need are a few key tools to keep your lawn neat and your plants alive. In New Zealand there are some big stores that are entirely dedicated to selling gardening supplies and offer advice if you're just getting started. Summer is a good time to stock up on everything you need to be well prepared for the coming spring, the best time for gardening. You don't have to set aside a big budget. Here are some inexpensive gardening essentials. It's just a matter of taking advantage of bargains and discounts.


At Bunnings Hardware you can get axes for $21. It's one of the store's best-selling items. Its specifications include forged head, fiberglass handle with non-slip grip and handle hook for easy storage. For twice the price, they offer you a Trojan axe with high-carbon steel blades.

Gardening gloves

Another must-have item if you plan on gardening at home are gloves. A pair of gloves is essential to avoid cuts, scrapes or thorns while pruning roses. At Save Barn there are gloves for $9.99. They protect you from moisture thanks to the nitrile surface and are ideal for smartphones. They won't slip off and you'll be able to take any calls while you're working in the garden.


The Tool Shed has the best hose deals for you. For $137 you can get a 20-meter retractable water hose. This unit is equipped with a flexible PVC hose that retracts into its body. After pulling it out, it will stop in any position and a quick tug on the hose will allow it to retract.


The hoe is another tool that we must have in our small garden. You can use your old broomstick and buy a point hoe without a handle for a few dollars. If you pay a little more you get the Stihl rotary hoe. There is a wide availability of hoes at this store. Choose based on your needs and budget and take the one that best suits you. Stihl is one of the most important brands in the market and over the years has been incorporating more products.

Pruning saw

If shears are not enough, you can opt for a pruning saw. At DIY & Hardware you will also find all kinds of pruning saws. Our recommended one? The one that has a density of 7 teeth per inch and is designed to cut thin to medium-thick branches in hard and soft wet wood. If you have to prune very old trees with thick branches, we recommend that you buy a larger, more powerful saw. This will prevent the equipment from being ruined.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite stores in New Zealand. If you're thinking of taking charge of your own garden, you've come to the right place. Don't miss your chance and get to work. Go for it!


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Essential garden tools you need in your house

The best (and cheapest) stores for DIY lovers

Whether you want a total home makeover or just a new, up-to-date look for your home with stylish home furnishings and decor, Here are some of New Zealand's best home improvement and outdoor living stores, for you to go shopping for everything you'll need to finish your home or garden project. These well-known hardware stores have the necessary tools for the job.

Bunnings Warehouse

This household hardware chain is my go-to DIY store; their staff is friendly and helpful, as well as always willing to share their knowledge. Their website offers a section called "DIY Advice," where you can find countless ideas for your projects. They offer their customers the most affordable prices and offer a "lowest price" policy, which means that if you find a competitor's lower price on the same in-stock item that's available for same-day delivery or collection, they will beat it by 15%.


They have everything you could need to make your DIY dream come true. PlaceMakers is New Zealand's largest building material supply company and offers a full range of products and services to trade and serious DIY customers. The staff is friendly and helpful, so if you're looking to build and want good service, this is the place for you.

Save Barn

Savebarn has great deals on indoor and outdoor home and living items. With a friendly staff ready to help you and competitive prices, the store offers you home furnishings, kitchen accessories, tools, garden storage, whiteware, and other items. Save Barn is a must-visit, but be warned: you will be tempted by their great deals and excellent customer service.

The Tool Shed

The Tool Shed is a fantastic store for all your tool needs, and all products are priced competitively. They have a great delivery service where your products are solidly packed. Everything you need is always available, including items you didn't realize you needed until you saw them. They offer monthly specials and excellent customer service, as their staff is always willing to help.

Mitre 10

Mitre 10 is one of the largest home improvement and garden retailers in New Zealand. Mitre 10 offers a wide range of products for your next DIY project. The staff is trained to provide you with advice on tools and materials to help you complete your home renovations. Their website has an "easy as" video guide with advice on "how to do it."

Before going shopping, organize your list, look for the store with the best offers, and find the best option for what you need for your project. This way, you won't be buying the wrong items, which can save you unnecessary time and money. Remember that not all stores have the same return or refund policies or customer service, so you might want to review this information before purchasing your products.

A good hardware store can help you get through any project. Check out the best DIY stores in terms of customer service, affordability, and more. My Deals 365 has the greatest brochures for you since they select the most recent and popular offers for you.


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The best (and cheapest) stores for DIY lovers

Expert tips for picking the right home appliances without overspending

Whether you purchase household appliances as part of a renovation project or need to replace an outdated appliance or device, the process can be overwhelming. With so many alternatives, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest model or the one with the trendiest appearance. A careful selection of household equipment can save money and reduce stress without limiting your lifestyle.

Comparison and research

A low price does not always indicate a great deal. To choose the best equipment or household appliance for your needs, first research the available items, then check into product reviews and individual qualities and then consult online buying advice. You can also compare features and pricing by visiting various stores or websites, selecting many home appliances from different brands, and comparing their features, lifespans, reliability, reviews, and prices.

When is the best time to buy it?

You can shop seasonally to get the best value, such as during end-of-year sales, Boxing Day, or Black Friday, and compare all the discounts available. Consider that shops reduced the pricing of last year's appliances to create a place for this year's bigger, better, shinier models, which can be sold at a premium.

Buy energy-efficient appliances.

The Energy Rating Label makes it easy to evaluate the energy efficiency and operational costs of similar products when deciding which appliance to buy. A product with more stars on the label is more energy efficient, which means you can save money on operating expenses. Compare appliances of different types or sizes using the Energy Rating Label's energy consumption figure. Annual emissions are reduced when annual energy usage is reduced.

Look for affiliate offers and savings from rewards programs.

If you'd rather buy something online, search for affiliate deals and reward-based discounts first. For example, some retailers provide import-only online discounts and other shifting incentives. Savings opportunities of this type are unlikely to compete with seasonal discounts or year-end festivities, but they do help.

Select the appropriate stores.

DTR sells almost everything you would need to make your house a home, as well as professional purchasing guidance and thoughtful after-sales service. If you are looking for new electronics products and want the best offers and deals, JB HiFi and PB Tech are the places you want to go. They are the most popular places to buy electronics. JN HiFi also has a wide selection of home appliances. Godfreys is also a great place to keep in mind when purchasing cleaning products. They offer vacuuming and cleaning services, have a vast range of experience, and offer hundreds of models and services for consumers looking for the best cleaning supplies available.

Whether it's simply time for an upgrade or a broken appliance forces your hand, upgrading your washing machine, dishwasher, or fridge may be a stressful and pricey situation. Avoid overwhelming costs and stress by searching for the best stores for your home. My Deals 365 brings you catalogs with special deals and weekly offers.


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Expert tips for picking the right home appliances without overspending

Top 5 stores to buy Christmas gifts

We are just a few days away from Christmas and in the final stretch comes the rush and last minute shopping. Every year we promise ourselves that this will not happen again and that we will be foresighted, but we get almost to the end of the day without having bought anything. If you've made it this far, it's because like most of us, you need a little help choosing gifts before the 25th. Fortunately, we've selected five stores with a variety of items for you to choose from depending on your profile and budget.

Cotton On

Buying clothes for Christmas can be an amazing option if you know how to do it. It is a functional and representative gift. However, making mistakes can be uncomfortable and disappoint the other person. You have to ignore your personal tastes and think more about the other person. At Cotton On, you can find a wide variety of fashion items for men, women and children such as jeans, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, shorts, skirts, shirts, knitwear, fleece, sweatshirts, scarves, hats, caps, jewelry, sunglasses and even towels.


It's not the same to buy just any toy. Beyond their playful function, toys play a fundamental role in the development and education of children, so it is very important that they are appropriate for each age. Toyworld offers a wide range of toys for children of all ages, including games, puzzles, stuffed animals, action figures, collectibles, stationery and stickers, bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards, skates, wagons, dolls, costumes, children's books and learning toys.

Hunting & Fishing

If your partner is passionate about hunting and fishing, choosing a gift to go on a trip and explore the country with these activities may be the best surprise to give him or her for Christmas. You can find tents, sleeping bags, portable toilets, gas showers, compasses, gazebos, shelters, trekking poles, hiking ice chests, thermal T-shirts, jackets, hunting knives, fishing knives, sharpeners, multi-tools, machetes, shovels, arm sleeves and fishing rods at Hunting & Fishing.


The change of season is a favorable time to renew the closet. Therefore, giving footwear as a gift also counts as a good option for Christmas. Hannahs has a wide range of products. You can find boots, heels, moccasins, slippers, sneakers, running shoes, velcro, sandals, stilettos, hiking boots, school shoes, bags, backpacks, leather shoes, high heels, ballet shoes, and much more. It sells the best brands in the market.


At Spotlight you can find bedding, bedroom storage, bedroom accessories, towels, bathroom accessories, candles and candelabras, picture frames and all kinds of home decor items. All of these alternatives are valid when you didn't think the gift through but want to get out of the way. With a small investment you can make a big visual impact. Choose towels in colors and designs that contrast or complement the colors that your loved one has and if their bathroom is small, avoid large prints.

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Top 5 stores to buy Christmas gifts

The best supermarkets in New Zealand

Going to the supermarket can be really stressful. Many people are crowded in one place hunting for bargains and if you get tempted by any item you can put your budget at risk. Although there are many options of discount chains in New Zealand that will allow you to save as much as possible and get the best brands. On dates like Christmas, choosing those supermarkets can make all the difference in not overspending and still preparing a tasty dish for the night of the 24th.


At Gilmours you can secure all your Christmas shopping. It sells a wide variety of products at affordable prices and with an extensive catalog. You'll find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, red meat, lamb, poultry, seafood, chocolate, cookies, water, bread, condiments, to roast chicken and cold cuts. You can shop from their website, where you will find many discounts and sales. If you subscribe to their newsletter you will receive weekly updates and offers and promotions.


The company has become a household name in the industry in New Zealand, implementing self-checkout technology, a small format store franchise called Pak'nSave Mini, delivery and pick-up services almost everywhere it operates. At Pak'nSave you can find a wide variety of quality products at great prices. By subscribing to their newsletter you can receive weekly updates, announcements and relevant information about their products, events and seasonal sales on fresh foods.


SuperValue is a very popular and one of New Zealanders' top choices for grocery shopping. If you were worried that you'd be catering for Christmas, don't feel bad. At SuperValue you will find everything you are looking for without compromising your budget. Top brands like Nescafe, Anchor, Mud House, Sparkling Duet, Dole, Fresh NZ, Bluebird Twisties, Tip Top, Sanitarium, Villa Maria, Proper, Puhoi Valley, Sealord, Arnotts, Fresh n Fruity, Beehive, Huggies, Pascall, Nature's Fresh, Coca-Cola, WW, Little Ones, Kapiti, Montana Classics and Heineken are on the chain.


Over the years, Countdown has grown and expanded throughout the country, opening more than 100 stores in the North and South Islands of New Zealand with the support of more than 18,000 team members. The chain offers customers a choice of more than 20,000 different products. The stores offer fresh meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, bakery and deli items, canned goods, dairy, wines, beers, kitchenware, dressings, soft drinks, cereals and snacks, among many other products.

Four Square

Four Square offers a wide range of quality products. You can find frozen foods, liquor, bread, cream cheese, yogurt, toilet paper, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen meat, poultry, snacks, coffee, tea, energy drinks, orange juice, nut bars, peanut butter, and much more. There are many ways to save money at Four Square that can help with your holiday shopping. You can browse their weekly deals or sign up for their newsletter to get information on closeouts and seasonal discounts.

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The best supermarkets in New Zealand

The best furniture stores in New Zealand

Renovating your home on a budget is never easy. Replacing your old sofa, getting a new coffee table, or adding a few rugs may cost a fortune. Luckily, there are many stores that offer deals, discounts, and clearance sales to help you save on everything you need for your home.

If you are thinking about making a few changes around your home, here are some of the best furniture stores in New Zealand.


Freedom is one of those places where you can find just about anything you need to create the perfect living space. It is also one of the most affortable furniture stores in New Zealand. Their standard prices can be a little steep sometimes, but they always offer deals to save up to 50% on selected items.

In Freedom Furniture, is always a matter of finding the right deal at the right time. You can browse their entire catalog on their website, especially in their clearance section. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest deals and opportunities directly in your inbox.


The name says it all. Big Save is a discount furniture store that has some of the lowest prices in the market. They have everything, from mattresses to home office supplies, and everything is always on sale!

One of the best perks you get when shopping at Big Save is a 7-day sofa guarantee service. If you are not happy with your sofa within the first week, you can bring it back and swap it for another one. Now, that's an amazing deal!


Smiths City has furniture and appliances. A perfect place for those who need to change their dining table and their microwave at the same time. One of the most interesting things about Smiths City is its extensive selection of brands and options. You can find hundreds of products and dozens of premium brands to create your perfect setup.

Some of their offers can help you save up to 50% on selected items. Plus, you can take advantage of their financing options, paying a small sum for up to 50 months! Those are just some of the reasons we love Smiths City.


Do you like fancy furniture? looking for a modern and minimalist look that will make people wonder just how can you afford your living conditions? Well, look no further! NOOD is a furniture store that sells designer furniture and offers amazing deals.

You can buy quality furniture and even designer pieces without breaking the bank. We are talking rungs, coffee tables, ottomans, desk lamps, mirrors, and even glassware. NOOD has kind of an IKEA vibe, and that is something we really like about them.

If you want some inspiration before making your shopping list, we recommend going to a NOOD showroom and taking a look at their products.

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The best furniture stores in New Zealand

Top 5 beers made in New Zealand

If there is something all Kiwis can agree on is that beer is New Zealand’s best and most appreciated drink. There are over 150 breweries and microbreweries nationwide with two of them being the absolute power players: Lion Breweries and DB Breweries.
Around 60% of all alcohol sold in the country is beer and with good reason. During the 1990s, New Zealand brewers were in fashion and that convinced many amateur brewmasters to start their own beer companies. Today, there are hundreds of national craft beers to try.

If you are looking for your next favorite brew, here is a list of 5 beers brands made in New Zealand you need to try.

Mac’s Beer

Created in 1981 by a publican named Terry, Mac’s played a key role in kicking off the country’s thriving beer scene. Over the years, the small company grew into one of New Zealand’s most renowned breweries, adding new types of beer like the IPA, dry-hopped pilsners, Pacific Pale Ales (PPAs), porters, malt lagers, and golden ales.

Sunshine Brewery

Located in the East Coast city of Gisborne, the Sunshine Brewery stands proud as the city’s hallmark beer brand. Sunshine has a very laid-back attitude that, combined with their passion for brewing, creates a product that’s just as easy-going as their creators. Created in 1989, the company was one of the first to hop (get it?) into the microbrewing business on the East Coast. Wild, free, in the Sun and living it, that is their motto. A beer that is made to be enjoyed with friends on the beach.


Emerson’s has been in the brewing business since 1992. Probably the fanciest brewery on the list, they offer some of the best brewery tours available and some of the best beers too. Even though the company has less than 30 years, their attitude and style transmits an old-fashioned vibe that certainly works for them. Their NZ Pilsner is an absolute must for fans of the craft.

DB Breweries

The only major brewery on the list. DB might be part of the Heinkenen corporation but it is certainly a national treasure. Founded in 1929 by W Joseph Coutts and his three sons as The Waitemata Brewery Co, the company has grown into an empire. With brands like Barrel N°51, Black Dog Brew, Dark Horse, and their famous Export beer line, the company exports its products to more than 12 countries.


Established in 1876, Speight’s is a Lion breweries beer created in Dunedin. The brand has many alehouses around the country and specializes in affordable beer, exporting their products to Australia and the Pacific Islands. Their brew building is a prominent historical landmark in central Dunedin.


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Top 5 beers made in New Zealand

Best things to do in New Zealand

There are very few countries in the world that can compete with the natural beauty of New Zealand. Before the Pandemic, the country welcomed an average of eleven million tourists every year looking for adrenaline, adventure, historic landmarks and one of a kind experiences. While visiting cities and towns is always a nice thing to do, the richest and most interesting part of a real New Zealand trip lies outside your comfort zone.

So, if you are planning your next island holiday, here are some of the best things you can do in New Zealand.

Take a trip to Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley (Rotorua)

The Māori legend says that when Te Hoata and Te Pupu (Goddesses of Fire) traveled from Hawaiki, they turned into fire to relieve their brother from the cold. The result was the creation of New Zealand’s volcanoes, geysers, mud pools and hot springs. Whakarewarewa´s geothermal landscape is a mesmerizing sight to see. Its unique village, boiling muds and nature walks are one of New Zealand's biggest natural treasures. The Geothermal Valley is also one of New Zealand's most visited locations, so you might want to book your tour in advance.

Explore the Waitomo Glowworm Caves (North Island)

The glowworm caves are, without a doubt, New Zealand’s best natural attractions. The glow worm is a type of worm that is unique to New Zealand and because of that, there is literally no other place on earth where you can have the same experience. Almost all of the guides are descendants of the Maori chief who originally explored the cave. Their stories and anecdotes tell the tale of the amazing 30 million year rock formation and their relation with the Maori tribe.

Visit Hobbiton (Waikato)

Let 's get nerdy! You are probably familiar with the Lord of the Rings books and movies, but did you know that almost all of the trilogy was shot in New Zealand? If you ever wondered how it would feel to visit the fantastic world created by J.R.R Tolkien then this is the place you want to go. Explore the Hobbit holes, dance around the Party Tree, and have a drink at the Green Dragon Inn. Trust us, this fantasy land will light up your instagram feed like nothing in the world.

Snorkel in Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve (Northland)

Located 23 kilometers off the Tutukaka Coast in Northland, Poor Knights Islands is the perfect place for those who love underwater adventures. Rated as one of the top 10 dive spots in the world by none other than Jacques Cousteau, the islands are amazingly preserved, possess a unique biodiversity and sea life. You can spot dolphins, orca, or Bryde's whales while snorkeling around the islands on any given day.


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Best things to do in New Zealand

The best surf brands you can find in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world. It is said that the Māori were already surfing even before European settlers arrived in the 19th century, that’s how long New Zealand’s surfing culture goes.

The country has a long surfing tradition due to its varied coastline and surf locations. The west coast is known for its big swells and high winds that create the perfect conditions for surfers to enjoy a challenge.

Because of this, some of the best surfing brands in the world can be found in New Zealand. Here are five of the most popular brands you need to check out before hitting the beach.


Patagonia is one of the most popular outdoor brands in the world. Their surfing line includes premium wetsuits equipped with Yulex technology, backpacks, impact vests, boardshorts, hooded full suits, hybrid booties, split shoe booties gloves, and insertable hoods. The brand has been in the surfing apparel business for a long time and it has always been recognized for the quality of its materials and amazing collections.

The company has many stores around the country and an online marketplace where you can shop directly.


If you had to name three surfing brands Billabong would probably be on the list. Every year, the brand sponsors dozens of surfing events and some of the wildest most popular teams in the world. Founded in Australia in 1973 by a surfboard shaper Gordon Merchant, the brand has been part of Australia’s surfing culture since 1980.

With some of the best boards and wetsuits in the world, Billabong stands proud as a pioneer of mainstream surfing culture and one of the sport's main ambassadors.


Founded in 1952 by a young man named Jack O’Neill, the company sold some of the first commercial neoprene suits and board leashes in America. The brand was one of the first mainstream surf companies in the world. They also created the first stitchless board shorts and some of the first surfing accessories designed for competitions and pro surfers.


Vans was founded in 1966 by Paul and James Van Doren and Serge Delia. Originally a skateboard brand, the company entered the surfing business in 1980 and immediately stood out from the crowd. Recently, the band released a new collection called Vans X TC Surf Collection to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Channel Islands Surfboards

CIS has been around since 1969. Originally a small surfboard manufacturer, the company grew into a cutting-edge organization that works with some of the best surfers in the world. The quality of their materials, excellent craftsmanship, and attention to detail had made them a power player in the surfing business.


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The best surf brands you can find in New Zealand

The 4 restaurants you need to visit in New Zealand

You probably already know New Zealand has some pretty good restaurants, but you might not know that some of them are so good they are ranked among the best…in the world!

That's right, Kiwis are dominating the culinary scene with amazing dishes, beautiful restaurants and original ingredients that can only be found in the land of the Māori. So, if you are planning your next trip to Auckland, here are five restaurants you definitely cannot miss.

The Grove (Auckland)

Located in the heart of the city, The Grove is undeniably one of Auckland’s top restaurants. This super exclusive venue serves modern New Zealand food with a French twist that will dazzle your senses. Their menu is constantly changing and adapting to include new ingredients, harnessing the power of seasonal fruits and vegetables and experimenting with new techniques. The Grove also showcases a fantastic range of natural and biodynamic wines from all over the world that create a unique wine selection, carefully curated by Michael and Annette Dearth, owners of the restaurant.

Sails Restaurant (Auckland)

Situated in Westhaven, heart of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest marina, Salis Restaurant is without a doubt the best seafood restaurant in New Zealand. With a one of a kind location and years of experience in the restaurant business, Salis Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a night in town. Their wine selection is one of the biggest in the city and that is saying a lot. The restaurant is the perfect place for dates, business meetings and yes, tourists who enjoy a fancy night in town. People recently picked Sails Restaurant as the winner of the Great Auckland Seafood Challenge for the best seafood dish in Auckland, which is probably the only thing you really needed to know to make your decision.

Bella Cucina (Queenstown)

Located inside an unmistakable character building in Queenstown’s Brecon Street Dining precinct, Bella Cucina is the best Italian restaurant in all of New Zealand. With a menu of simple yet elegant dishes, fresh organic ingredients, and a fine selection of European wines, the restaurant will make you fall in love with pizza and pasta all over again. Since it opened in 2008, it has been a local favorite. The menu even has a “trust the chef” option that you can pick to put your lunch in the hands of some of the best cooks in town. Trust us, they do not disappoint.

Arbour (Marlborough)

Eat, sip, gather. That's the motto of Marlborough's best restaurant. Arbour is a small little place located in the heart of the city that specializes in innovative cuisine and friendly service. While their menu is small and ever changing, it has gained a reputation for being delicious and always original. Arbour has won the Two Hats Cuisine Good Food Awards 2019, Best Venue 'Top of the South', Wild Tomato 2017, and was crowned as the best restaurant in Marlborough in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


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The 4 restaurants you need to visit in New Zealand

The 6 essentials your baby needs for the beach

Summer is here again and that means a lot more time at the beach surfing, sunbathing, and taking care of your little ones while trying to build a sandcastle made of buckets that can (barely) withstand the impact of a mild wave.

Long hours at the beach also mean you need to think about how to protect your baby from sun exposure, dehydration, and most importantly… boredom! Here are some of the absolute essentials your baby needs for the beach.

Baby beach bag

It's important to have a beach bag to make sure you never forget anything your baby needs for a day in the sun. Sure, you can take your regular baby bag, but chances are you are going to forget something at home while you are busy checking everything else and getting your kid in the car.

Swim diapers

Waterproof beach diapers are an absolute must-have in your baby bag. You can choose between disposable swim diapers or reusable swim diapers, which are more environmentally friendly but a bit messier to clean and carry. Some beach diapers also have UV protection and that is a huge plus to keep your baby safe.

Sun protection shirt

Babies have thinner skin and that makes them a lot more sensitive when spending time in the sun. Sun protection shirts are an excellent option for babies, especially because they can't use sunscreen before they are six months old. Ideally, you want to get shirts with dark colors and a tight-weave fabric to improve skin protection. You can even get one-piece swimsuits that cover the whole body, some of them even have hoodies to protect their heads.

Baby Beach Pool

Not the most usual accessory, we know, but beach pools can be one of the best items to take with you. Since babies can not spend a lot of time in the water, beach pools are the perfect solution to keep them wet, happy, and safe. Pop-up pools are easy to set up and usually come with a roof to keep your baby safe from the sun. Plus, they are affordable.

Beach Shoes

Do you know what's hot and uncomfortable? sand. Your baby loves to explore the world, especially if he or she is starting to walk. Hot sand can hurt your little one and make him or her afraid of stepping on it. Luckily there are beach shoes designed to solve this problem and provide the right traction in the sand.

Baby Sunglasses

Some may think baby sunglasses make babies look cool, and they do. But they also protect against the sun and allow them to see better during a hot summer day. There are many brands to pick from, but always remember to look for certified products since cheap sunglasses can be just as bad as no glasses at all.


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The 6 essentials your baby needs for the beach

New Zealand: land of Maori traditions

Maori culture is a fundamental part of the oceanic country. Not only because of its large population, but also because of its representative traditions. To say New Zealand is to say Maori for many visitors and even for many locals.

The New Zealand government places a strong emphasis on the preservation and continuity of Maori traditions under a programme that tries to safeguard this culture in its three main facets: the physical (establishments, places), the natural (mountains, natural resources) and the intangible (traditions). Let's look at some more facts.

Marae: the place

This is the name given to the enclosed spaces belonging to a tribe. This is where you can find the Maori at their best, as it is a Maori-only territory. In the maraes it is common to see typical dances, food, celebrations and spaces of this New Zealand culture. It is worth mentioning that you can visit the marae but only in private groups with previous appointments and access.

Powhiri: the welcome

Opening the gates of their land is a Maori tradition. Powhiri is a ritual to welcome anyone arriving at a marae. The ritual begins with a challenge (nothing to be scared of) by a warrior to certify that the person arriving is arriving in peace. This is followed by maori calls and speeches and ends with gifts and food.

Hongi: the greeting

A well-known symbol of this tradition is the nose-to-nose and face-to-face greeting. Handshakes are not so popular in this culture, which prefers closer contact. This tradition that goes back to the origins of the culture allows people to connect and breathe the air of life together.

Hangi: food

Food is very important to Maori. The special thing about this food is that it is cooked underground with a method of cooking on embers. In a hole that is specially made for cooking, the embers are placed and the food is placed on top. In ancient times the food was wrapped in foil, but nowadays aluminium foil or other materials are used. This form of cooking is ideal for feeding large numbers of people and thus creating a meeting place for the inhabitants of the marae.

Tā Moko: the tattoos

We can easily distinguish a New Zealand Maori by their physical features but also by their traditional tattoos. These tribal tattoos, which are immortalised on the skin of Maori people, have an undertone of unconditional attachment to their culture. They also represent part of the person's history and their link to Maori.


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New Zealand: land of Maori traditions

Christmas trends in New Zealand

The days are approaching when we have to start thinking about Christmas decorations for our homes. We can already see in shops and supermarkets many products to put our home in Christmas mode. Let's take a look at some trends to make your Christmas 2021 look fashionable.

Decoration experts agree that this Christmas will be marked by nostalgia. After years of restrictions and fears, having a celebration with family and friends will take us back to those times we remember with a smile on our faces. This is an important concept to bear in mind when thinking about our decorations.

¿Which tree to buy?

You can always solve this problem with the traditional Christmas pine trees. There are many options in New Zealand shops and supermarkets for both natural and artificial Christmas trees. However, if you're looking for a new look for your home, trends show that asymmetrical trees are gaining ground. Long branches on one side and short branches on the other, with different sturdiness and shape. Twig trees" are also in fashion and with LED lights they look very pretty.

¿What colours to use?

The traditional Christmas colours are red, green and white. Like all traditions, they will never go out of fashion. However, for this year we suggest incorporating silver and gold as the main colours for your decorations. If you want to go off the beaten track, you can also use combinations with metallic blues or olive or more natural greens. Both options will give your home a modern look.

Sustainable and handmade

These two words are key when thinking about Christmas decorating in New Zealand this year. The trend of reusing materials continues to set the pace for deco, which leads us to think about old wood or items we have in our homes to use as ornaments. At the same time, the handmade will be very fashionable so we suggest you take a look at some tutorials to make your own decorations. If you don't have time, you can always find fairs, shops and supermarkets where you can get decorations in this style.

Wreaths, flowers and garlands

If there is one thing we have done in these years of pandemic, it is to rekindle our link with nature. So this year's Christmas decorations will have a strong emphasis on the natural. The typical green fern wreaths or decorative garlands will look great. We can also add flowers of different colours to fill our table with life. Along the same lines, it never hurts to have pine cones or dried leaves in woody or golden tones to decorate spaces. It is also a good option to use artificial cherries to add colour.


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Christmas trends in New Zealand

How to set up your drinks bar

The evening comes and you feel like having a drink to relax. You look at your bar or cupboard, but there's nothing there. So that this doesn't happen again, we're going to give you a list of the basics you need so that you never have to put off a good drink.

We won't talk about specific brands as they vary according to each person's budget. The important thing is that everyone can build their own bar according to their budget.

Gin, an old friend

The gin boom puts gin at the centre of every bar in New Zealand. Gin is a great ally for your drinks because of its versatility. You can drink it on its own in a good gin and tonic with tonic water and lemon, but it can also be easily incorporated in drinks ranging from simple single shots to more complex ones with syrup or reductions. It is essential to have a gin in our bar.

Rum, a Caribbean friend

Continuing with high alcoholic drinks, rum is a second soldier. Rum, which comes in both its whiter and more golden versions, takes us to more Caribbean and fruity drinks. This drink, available in all New Zealand shops, provides just the right sweetness to push drinks with juices or herbs. The traditional mojito or a daiquiri is a great way to beat the heat.

Whisky, a faithful friend

Could there be a bar without this concoction? Scotch, Irish, American or wherever you like it best. In the popular imagination this drink is drunk alone on rocks of ice but there are also many combinations with soft drinks or juices that renew its use. The whiskies available in New Zealand supermarkets and shops vary in price according to age and type of ageing. You should take into account the origin of the whisky, as the taste depends on it.

Vermouths or bitters, complementary friends

Here we have two good options that will always save you. Vermouths are drinks that can be drunk on their own with soda or soft drinks, but they are also ideal to mix with some of the drinks we mentioned before and make a simple drink. Bitters are also macerated but with a higher bitter tone and can fulfil the same function. A vermouth, with gin and tonic water can save your evening. A bitter with orange or grapefruit as well.

Soft drinks or juices

There is no Batman without Robin, and no drinks without drinks to go with them. In your fridge it is very important to have: tonic water, soda or grapefruit juice, orange juice, lemon soda or ginger. These basics will be your solution and can be found in any New Zealand supermarket within a few blocks of your home.


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How to set up your drinks bar

Get ready for the trekking season

The sunny days are here in New Zealand and we want to get out and connect with nature. Throughout the length and breadth of the country's islands there are plenty of trails to explore, enjoy the great outdoors and see new places. But every good hiker needs to be equipped, so here's a checklist for your next adventure.

Comfortable clothing

We don't want to go hiking and be uncomfortable. It is very important to equip yourself with light and cool clothes so that the heat doesn't get the better of you. Dry-fit or loose-fitting T-shirts for both women and men can be found in many New Zealand sports shops and supermarkets for a variety of prices. As for trousers, a good pair of shorts or if it's cooler, a comfortable jogger for walking in nature. It is also important to always have a light jacket handy as we never know how the weather may change.

Walking shoes

Our great ally for climbing or walking in nature is our footwear. Many times we will have to climb a rock or walk through a wet area and that is why the right pair of shoes will allow us to be at ease. In addition, it is always good to take into account when going to a New Zealand shop that the footwear will take the ankle as it is the most compromised area when going up and down trails. This footwear may be warmer but it will avoid problems with the body. Never walk with sandals or flip-flops, it is very dangerous.

Guidance and orientation

Many times we take a trail and then we don't know how to get back. As in any natural environment, our mobile phone signal is not always with us, which causes us a lot of anxiety. To avoid problems with orientation a very useful gadget is a smart watch with a compass. Nowadays you can find in supermarkets and shops in New Zealand a variety of options for all budgets.

Accessories for a better adventure

There are many accessories for trekking. We'll stop at a few special ones. Go to any shop in the country to get a canteen or water bottle, because staying hydrated is essential when you're on long hours of trekking. Another item to consider is a hat to protect you from the sun and a good sunscreen. The high summer temperatures in New Zealand can cause skin problems later on. Sunglasses and a walking stick will also come in handy.


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Get ready for the trekking season

¿Do you dare to layering?

Fashion comes and goes from trend to trend. When it comes to jewellery, what's hot in New Zealand is layering. Let's see what it's all about so that your next look will have everyone talking.

Layering is a fashion movement that was born in the 2000s. Its main feature is the layering of different elements to create a unique composition. This is how we have been able to see t-shirts over t-shirts or trousers over tights, among others.

Jewellery is not left behind and this year this phenomenon has been seen again in the streets of New Zealand with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories in layering mode. If you want to know how to wear this style check out this guide.

Ladder or pyramid

When thinking about layering necklaces it is important to give hierarchy to our combination. This is why the model that leads the way is the ladder or pyramid. It consists of forming the pieces in a way that they are staggered from longer to shorter, making them look amazing on your neck and chest.

It is not piling up

Layering is not putting one thing on top of another. For each part of the composition to show off there must be space between them. When laying out an element, make sure you leave space for the next piece to fit in. This way you will be able to appreciate the combination better, otherwise it will just be a set of bijou.

Materials and textures

Free your imagination. If there is one thing layering allows us to play with textures, shapes and materials. You can go to any jewellery shop in New Zealand and choose different options with their own imprint but that all combine together. Mixing elements is also another option. Crosses can go with stones, symbols with leather.


Layering is not only for necklaces. It is also applied to make our ears look amazing. You can choose to combine different sizes of earrings or different colours that make you look amazing. You don't need to have holes in your ears, in supermarkets or shops in New Zealand you can usually find options with earring loops for your ear.

On your wrists As with earrings, layering bracelets is a popular choice for New Zealand women. It's a great way to add colour and sparkle to a basic shirt. Unlike the neck, the arms tend to blend more with the movement of the arms, so we suggest you pay more attention to what you wear. Small or thin bracelets can be underneath a big element and get lost.


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¿Do you dare to layering?

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