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Super cheap and fun toys for your dog

Super cheap and fun toys for your dog

Puppies love to play. If you have a puppy at home, you can buy him lots of toys so that he doesn't feel lonely if he has to be left alone at some point during the day. An infinity of fun toys for them to entertain themselves. And something very important.... will prevent the puppy from chewing your furniture if he is new at home. With toys they unload their tensions and at the end of the day they will be exhausted and sleep peacefully. In the big New Zealand pet stores like Animates you can find a wide variety of toys at a really convenient price. Our guide to cheap and fun toys for your dog.

Rubber ball


One of the favorite toys of dogs are balls. Our advice is to buy a rubber ball to prevent it from breaking when the dog chews it. It is a source of stress relief for the animal. They are of resistant and durable design and you can get them in various colors and sizes. The ideal would be a rubber ball of 55 centimeters in diameter to avoid having to buy several balls throughout the life of your pet. For 6 NZD you can get a beautiful rubber ball for your puppy. The balls are also used to train our puppy so that after throwing it to a certain place, he will fetch it and bring it back to our location again.

Leather bones


Leather bones are another classic. Not only do they entertain our pet, but they also help to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Apart from improving dental hygiene, these bones satiate the innate instinct of dogs to bite and chew, becoming an excellent tool to relieve stress. Doctors suggest that you buy this type of treats as they help dogs relieve anxiety, thus preventing them from doing so at the expense of your furniture or shoes. The only problem? The bone can get stuck in the throat or digestive tract. If this blockage is not resolved instantly, surgery would be necessary. For 7.78 NZD you can get a pack of three leather bones to have a replacement in case the first one breaks.



If you are thinking about buying a kong, but you don't know how it works, you have come to the right place. It is a food dispenser, but it also works as an intelligence toy. Basically you have to fill the hole with the chosen food and leave it at your disposal. The dog will have to make an effort to remove the food from the inside due to its rigid structure, either by manipulating it with his paws to get it out or by holding it tightly so he can lick the inside. This whole process stimulates his mind and body. Kongs are not very cheap. Their price varies between 39.46 NZD and 71 NZD.

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