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NUMBER ONE SHOES catalogs, special deals, weekly ads, and offers

Number One Shoes is a New Zealand footwear retailer. It currently owns and operates 49 stores across the country, making it one of the largest brands in New Zealand.

Frequently asked questions about NUMBER ONE SHOES

How to save money at NUMBER ONE SHOES

Go to Number One Shoes’ website to learn about their seasonal sales, discounts and special deals. Visit their Clearance section for the best prices in over 1,000 styles.

Discounts offered by NUMBER ONE SHOES

MyDeals365 has all the latest coupons and catalogs for Number One Shoes. Don’t miss any season sales on quality footwear. Find the best discounts on hi top sneakers in a Number One Shoes near you with MyDeals365.

The brochures and catalogs contain the best weekly, monthly and yearly promotions, with offers and discounts available today in stores. To check the updated prices you can also browse the official website online: https://www.numberoneshoes.co.nz/

When was NUMBER ONE SHOES created?

Number One Shoes was founded in Hastings in 1974. Since then it has managed to grow to be a household name by keeping the Kiwi customer in mind and staying true to its mission of bringing a diverse range of shoes for a diverse community. Number One Shoes’ buyers bring the hottest trends from around the globe ensuring they’re at affordable prices for all.

Number One Shoes is now partnered with Hannahs to make the ultimate footwear destination. This exciting alliance means you can explore even more styles and brands than ever before.

What brands can I find at NUMBER ONE SHOES?

At Number One Shoes you can find the most renowned footwear brands, Capezio, Cross Trekkers, Style Express, Top Marks, F&M Women, Viper, Elroy, Bennicci, Asphalt, Diadora, Mambo, Quiva, Sopranos, Step On Air, Venice, Woodlands, Betta, Detention, Heelys, Hey Duggee, Jiffies, Playtime, Wiggles, Paloma Rossi and London Rebel.

Will NUMBER ONE SHOES have deals on Black Friday?

Number One Shoes offers great discounts and promotions during Black Friday. Discover the best deals of the year and become a savings expert.

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Who are NUMBER ONE SHOES's main competitors across the country?

Number One Shoes’ main competitors are similar shoe retail companies, such as Platypus Shoes, Mi Piaci Shoes, Andrea Biani, Merchant 1948, Novo Shoes, Wink Shoe Store and Street Legal Shoes.

How to get exclusive benefits at NUMBER ONE SHOES

Sign up to Number one Shoes’ Newsletter to get a special 20% off discount.

Create a Supersite account to access exclusive benefits and unique deals.

Number One Shoes offers free delivery on your order over $75.


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