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Fisher & Paykel is a home appliance store that specializes in cooking, cooling, ventilation, and washing appliances. The company designs appliances based on innovation, style, and efficiency, making sure that every product is unique and crafted, making sure every detail exhibits the premium quality materials the brand is known for.

The history of FISHER & PAYKEL: what is FISHER & PAYKEL?

Fisher & Paykel was created in 1934 when Olive Paykel convinced her husband to import new appliances from the United State to New Zealand. The demand soon became a booming business opportunity and the Paykels began an importing endeavor that meant the beginning of a prolific brand.

When the New Zealand government banned the import of home appliances, Fisher & Paykel completely redesigned their brand and began manufacturing their line of products for local customers. The idea behind the business was to create appliances that could compete in quality and durability with those that used to be imported from the US and England.

Today, Fisher & Paykel is New Zealandโ€™s most important home appliance brand, delivering outstanding quality in every product they create. The brand has become a household name and a symbol of the incredible potential of Kiwi entrepreneurs.

What kind of products can I find at FISHER & PAYKEL?

Fisher & Paykel has a wide range of products. You can find ovens, cooktops, freestanding cookers, companions, ventilators, front loader washing machines, top loader washing machines, kitchen ventilation devices, refrigerators, wine coolers, chest freezers, dishwashers, dryers, outdoor grills, carts, accessories, and many other items.

What brands can I find at FISHER & PAYKEL?

Fisher & Paykel has an extensive catalog of products. All of them are designed, manufactured, distributed, and commercialized by their brands. Their carefully curated catalog comprises some of the most modern and beautifully crafted home appliances in the country.


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Fisher & Paykel offers a wide range of quality products. You can browse the Promotions section on their website to find amazing deals. Subscribe to their newsletter to get weekly updates, new catalogs, weekly ads, and relevant information.

Meet FISHER & PAYKEL's competitors

Fisher & Paykel competes with many national and international brands such as Electrolux, Miele, Haier, LG, Samsung, Arcelik, BSH, V-ZUG, Maytag, Hitachi, Kitchenaid, and many other brands.

FISHER & PAYKEL exclusive benefits

The best way to get exclusive offers at Fisher & Paykel is to create an account on their website. You can access exclusive promotions, financing options, and many other benefits such as invitations to their experience centers and events.

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