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Mighty Ape Ltd is a New Zealand online video game retailing company. It’s one of the longest running online retailers in New Zealand. Since 2020 the company is owned by

The history of MIGHTY APE: what is MIGHTY APE?

Simon Barton founded Micro-World in 1993. The store sold Amiga computers initially, but after Amiga production ceased it turned into a video game store and was renamed GameZone.

GameZone launched its website in 1998. The next year the company changed its name to Virtual Stores (NZ), Ltd, and again to Gameplanet Store in 2003. Gameplanet Store’s catalogue expanded to include many other popular forms of media entertainment. In 2007 Gameplanet Store changed its format to become an online-only business.

The company took its current name, Mighty Ape, in November 2008. Along with this change Mighty Ape also increased the number of products sold from tens of thousands of games to over six million different products.

Mighty Ape won the Westpac Supreme Business Excellence Award and Excellence in Customer Service Delivery Award in 2014.

What kind of products can I find at MIGHTY APE?

Mighty Ape offers a wide variety of products, Tvs, displays, speakers, amplifiers, P.A. systems, headphones, smartphones, whiteware, tablets, e-readers, appliances, cameras, cables, adapters, memory cards, batteries, monitors, graphics cards, computer peripherals, laptops, gaming PCs and gear, hard drives, flash drives, printers, computer software, video games, books, toys, board games, furniture, arts and crafts supplies, collectibles, makeup, personal grooming products, fragrances, workout gear, clothing, food, snacks, drinks, movies, TV series, music films and concerts.

What brands can I find at MIGHTY APE?

At Mighty Ape you can find many popular brands, like Acer, Calvin Klein, Bestway, Disney, Adidas, ASUS, Dungeons & Dragons, AVENT, Elmers, Cadbury, Apple, Belkin, Google, HyperX, Instant Pot, Fujifilm, Funko, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Faber-Castell, GIGABYTE, G.I. Joe, Hasbro, JBL, Kellogg’s, Kingston, L’oreal, LEGO, Wizards of the Coast, McFarlane Toys, Mountain Dew, Nestle, Nintendo, NVIDIA, Xiaomi, Warhammer 40K, Urban Products, Verbatim, Taito, SEGA, Sandisk, Seagate, Samsung, Rockstar, Red Bull, Razer, Q-Figs, Post-It, Parker Brothers, Panasonic, Sony, Microsoft, Marvel, Crayola and Hot Wheels.


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Visit Mighty Ape’s website to learn about their sales and promotions. Get low prices every day in their Daily Deals section. See their Clearance section for special deals on limited stock products.

Meet MIGHTY APE's competitors

Mighty Ape’s main competitors are similar retailers like Trendyol, FutureBazaar, Wonderchef, J Club, Yamibuy, Hopscotch, Gmarket and Globus.

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