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Ballantynes is a department store with headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company is the oldest running department store in the country, with 2 locations and an online marketplace to extend its reach. The store is part of the J Ballantyne and Company Ltd, which also owns and operates Contemporary Lounge, a youth-oriented fashion business.

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Ballantynes offers a wide range of quality products. discounts and sales. You can browse the OUTLET section on their website to find amazing deals and promotions. Subscribe to their newsletter to get weekly updates, and updates about their collections.

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When was BALLANTYNES created?

Ballantynes was established in 1854, as a millinery and drapery business located in Cashel Street. The business was acquired by John Ballantyne in 1872, which turned the endeavor into a family-owned business.

Over the years, the company grew into a profitable department store, opening a second location and expanding its catalog to fit new products and collections. In 1947, Ballantynes was destroyed during the worst fire in New Zealand’s history.

After the fire, the company reconstructed its business. They created a brand for younger customers called Contemporary Lounge and three food gourmet departments, ultimately building a small empire that today holds a place in the minds of Kiwis and tourists as one of New Zealand’s most interesting and historic businesses.

What brands can I find at BALLANTYNES?

Ballantynes has an extensive catalog of world-renowned brands. Among them, you can find All Blacks, Antics, Avanti, Coach, Cadbury, Bvlgari, Buzzy Bee, Disney, DKNY, Dr Beak, DSS, Ink Gin, Hunter, Huxbaby, Haribo, Mentos, Miu Miu, Nutella, NYDJ, Roma, Ralph Lauren, Simply Essential and many other brands.

Will BALLANTYNES have deals on Black Friday?

Ballantynes joins the Black Friday and offers great savings opportunities, with unmissable discounts on selected products of the main national and international fashion brands.

At My Deals 365 you will be able to find the best Ballantynes brochures with the latest fashion trends, the fabrics and colors that will be used this season, and the clothes worn by celebrities.

During the next Black Friday , which this year is on November 24, you will enjoy discounts on clothing, underwear, handbags, and accessories of up to 50%, including sneakers, shoes, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, socks, caps, hats, bracelets, rings, purses, wallets, tops, jumpers, jumpers, swimming costumes, underwear, lingerie, etc.

As its name suggests, Black Friday takes place on Friday, but most stores extend their offers throughout the weekend, such is the case of Ballantynes, which has all kinds of sales on products of major fashion brands.

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Who are BALLANTYNES's main competitors across the country?

Ballantynes competes with many national and international brands such as The Warehouse, Farmers, WHITCOULLS , The Department Store, KMart, Payless, and Cornucopia.

How to get exclusive benefits at BALLANTYNES

The best way to get exclusive offers at Westby Cooperative Creamery is to be a Ballantynes Account Card Member. Get free shipping on all your online purchases, free vouchers, early access to their new collections and catalogs as well as many other benefits.


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