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How to set up your drinks bar

How to set up your drinks bar

The evening comes and you feel like having a drink to relax. You look at your bar or cupboard, but there's nothing there. So that this doesn't happen again, we're going to give you a list of the basics you need so that you never have to put off a good drink.

We won't talk about specific brands as they vary according to each person's budget. The important thing is that everyone can build their own bar according to their budget.

Gin, an old friend

The gin boom puts gin at the centre of every bar in New Zealand. Gin is a great ally for your drinks because of its versatility. You can drink it on its own in a good gin and tonic with tonic water and lemon, but it can also be easily incorporated in drinks ranging from simple single shots to more complex ones with syrup or reductions. It is essential to have a gin in our bar.

Rum, a Caribbean friend

Continuing with high alcoholic drinks, rum is a second soldier. Rum, which comes in both its whiter and more golden versions, takes us to more Caribbean and fruity drinks. This drink, available in all New Zealand shops, provides just the right sweetness to push drinks with juices or herbs. The traditional mojito or a daiquiri is a great way to beat the heat.

Whisky, a faithful friend

Could there be a bar without this concoction? Scotch, Irish, American or wherever you like it best. In the popular imagination this drink is drunk alone on rocks of ice but there are also many combinations with soft drinks or juices that renew its use. The whiskies available in New Zealand supermarkets and shops vary in price according to age and type of ageing. You should take into account the origin of the whisky, as the taste depends on it.

Vermouths or bitters, complementary friends

Here we have two good options that will always save you. Vermouths are drinks that can be drunk on their own with soda or soft drinks, but they are also ideal to mix with some of the drinks we mentioned before and make a simple drink. Bitters are also macerated but with a higher bitter tone and can fulfil the same function. A vermouth, with gin and tonic water can save your evening. A bitter with orange or grapefruit as well.

Soft drinks or juices

There is no Batman without Robin, and no drinks without drinks to go with them. In your fridge it is very important to have: tonic water, soda or grapefruit juice, orange juice, lemon soda or ginger. These basics will be your solution and can be found in any New Zealand supermarket within a few blocks of your home.


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