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Essential garden tools you need in your house

Essential garden tools you need in your house

You don't need to be a gardening expert to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. All you need are a few key tools to keep your lawn neat and your plants alive. In New Zealand there are some big stores that are entirely dedicated to selling gardening supplies and offer advice if you're just getting started. Summer is a good time to stock up on everything you need to be well prepared for the coming spring, the best time for gardening. You don't have to set aside a big budget. Here are some inexpensive gardening essentials. It's just a matter of taking advantage of bargains and discounts.



At Bunnings Hardware you can get axes for $21. It's one of the store's best-selling items. Its specifications include forged head, fiberglass handle with non-slip grip and handle hook for easy storage. For twice the price, they offer you a Trojan axe with high-carbon steel blades.

Gardening gloves


Another must-have item if you plan on gardening at home are gloves. A pair of gloves is essential to avoid cuts, scrapes or thorns while pruning roses. At Save Barn there are gloves for $9.99. They protect you from moisture thanks to the nitrile surface and are ideal for smartphones. They won't slip off and you'll be able to take any calls while you're working in the garden.



The Tool Shed has the best hose deals for you. For $137 you can get a 20-meter retractable water hose. This unit is equipped with a flexible PVC hose that retracts into its body. After pulling it out, it will stop in any position and a quick tug on the hose will allow it to retract.



The hoe is another tool that we must have in our small garden. You can use your old broomstick and buy a point hoe without a handle for a few dollars. If you pay a little more you get the Stihl rotary hoe. There is a wide availability of hoes at this store. Choose based on your needs and budget and take the one that best suits you. Stihl is one of the most important brands in the market and over the years has been incorporating more products.

Pruning saw


If shears are not enough, you can opt for a pruning saw. At DIY & Hardware you will also find all kinds of pruning saws. Our recommended one? The one that has a density of 7 teeth per inch and is designed to cut thin to medium-thick branches in hard and soft wet wood. If you have to prune very old trees with thick branches, we recommend that you buy a larger, more powerful saw. This will prevent the equipment from being ruined.

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