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The best beaches in New Zealand for every type of traveler

The best beaches in New Zealand for every type of traveler

If you are a beach lover, you have to visit New Zealand. The options are varied and there are beaches for every type of traveler. It will depend a lot on what you are looking for: whether you want to relax and enjoy the sun or surf in this wonderful country.

Piha Beach

2.jpg Just 45 minutes from Auckland is Piha Beach, one of the paradisiacal beaches of New Zealand. Its black sand (due to the high concentration of iron of volcanic origin) is what is most striking. Apart from the emblematic Lion Rock. What are the activities to do in Piha Beach? Here you can breathe and live surfing. But if you like to stay on land, you can go hiking and guided walks in the Waitakere rainforest. Another advantage is that its proximity to Auckland makes it the perfect place to disconnect from the city.

Hot Water Beach

3.jpg This beach, located on the Coromandel peninsula, has become super famous in recent years. Its hot springs can reach up to 64 °C. It is a natural event that you can only observe for two hours a day, when the tide goes out. If your traveler profile is that of an adventurer, this place will fill you with adrenaline. This is because the hot springs area is very close to where the waves are produced. The force is so strong that it is considered a dangerous place. If you are going to visit it, make sure you have a guide.

Wharariki Beach

4.jpg It is another of the beaches in New Zealand that you can access by walking along a path. The best time to visit it is when the tide is low, so you can observe its wonderful scenery: coastal forests mixed with the beauty of hidden caves and sand dunes.

Koekohe Beach

5.jpg Located north of Dunedin, Koekohe Beach is known for its rock formation. Lined up like giant dragon eggs are the round Moeraki rocks. They are believed to have been carved more than 65 million years ago. In addition to their beauty, the Maori culture has made them the protagonists of their legends. Here you can enjoy, relax and learn about the ancient cultures of New Zealand. From Queenstown you must make a three-hour road trip to get to Koekohe Beach.

Doubtless Bay

6.jpg There are several names for this magnificent place. Known as Doubtless Bay (after James Cook), it also has the name of La Baie de Lauriston thanks to another explorer. Regardless of its name, the coolest thing about this place is that it is the union of several white sand beaches of New Zealand. If you want a destination that offers several types of activities, it is perhaps the best option. Not only can you swim, fish and sail, but you can also practice water sports with more adrenaline like scuba diving.

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