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Get ready for the trekking season

Get ready for the trekking season

The sunny days are here in New Zealand and we want to get out and connect with nature. Throughout the length and breadth of the country's islands there are plenty of trails to explore, enjoy the great outdoors and see new places. But every good hiker needs to be equipped, so here's a checklist for your next adventure.

Comfortable clothing

We don't want to go hiking and be uncomfortable. It is very important to equip yourself with light and cool clothes so that the heat doesn't get the better of you. Dry-fit or loose-fitting T-shirts for both women and men can be found in many New Zealand sports shops and supermarkets for a variety of prices. As for trousers, a good pair of shorts or if it's cooler, a comfortable jogger for walking in nature. It is also important to always have a light jacket handy as we never know how the weather may change.

Walking shoes

Our great ally for climbing or walking in nature is our footwear. Many times we will have to climb a rock or walk through a wet area and that is why the right pair of shoes will allow us to be at ease. In addition, it is always good to take into account when going to a New Zealand shop that the footwear will take the ankle as it is the most compromised area when going up and down trails. This footwear may be warmer but it will avoid problems with the body. Never walk with sandals or flip-flops, it is very dangerous.

Guidance and orientation

Many times we take a trail and then we don't know how to get back. As in any natural environment, our mobile phone signal is not always with us, which causes us a lot of anxiety. To avoid problems with orientation a very useful gadget is a smart watch with a compass. Nowadays you can find in supermarkets and shops in New Zealand a variety of options for all budgets.

Accessories for a better adventure

There are many accessories for trekking. We'll stop at a few special ones. Go to any shop in the country to get a canteen or water bottle, because staying hydrated is essential when you're on long hours of trekking. Another item to consider is a hat to protect you from the sun and a good sunscreen. The high summer temperatures in New Zealand can cause skin problems later on. Sunglasses and a walking stick will also come in handy.


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