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Black Friday survival guide: tips for navigating the crowds and chaos

Black Friday survival guide: tips for navigating the crowds and chaos

Black Friday has become one of the most eagerly awaited campaigns by consumers, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. This day marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Long queues, pushing and shoving, and fights have been a classic since its first edition in 2005. New Zealand is no exception. The early hours of this bidding campaign have in previous years resulted in numerous fights and even broken appliances. What to do to get around the crowds and chaos generated by this event? Here is a survival guide for the upcoming Black Friday on November 24. Pay attention and you will emerge victorious from this particular day of discounts.

Buy online


Stay connected to the computer and when the clock strikes 12, start shopping. Do it online so you won't have to deal with the crowds in the stores. It is true that seeing the product face to face is tempting, especially if you are going to pay a good amount for it, but online shopping speeds up and solves part of the dilemma. Plus you'll have more time to spend on other tasks.

Analyze all the options


Don't be dazzled by the first thing you see. Also analyze the competition and look at all the options available to you. Because on Black Friday there are many stores that offer supposedly discounted items that the day before cost exactly the same. Many retailers place a variety of items with small discounts and in the aggregate don't end up making a difference in terms of savings.

Take advantage of opportunities


If you are going to have to buy Christmas gifts in a few weeks, why not take the opportunity to do it now instead of leaving it to the last minute? Remember that many of the products offered on Black Friday are limited in stock. As mentioned above, making a list of what you need will allow you to get organized and be able to evaluate options to make sure you don't come in under budget for Christmas.

Don't buy what you already have


Despite having a TV, we may find an offer that makes us think we need another one when we really already have a good set at home that we don't even use often. We should use sanity before clicking on the cart and buying it, no matter how good the deal is. There are other examples that can make us buy unnecessarily, although only you can draw the line between buying and not buying.

Research about the store


If you are looking for the best prices, it is essential to know how the store you want to buy from during Black Friday works, making sure you know the types of discounts and sales it offers. Make sure you also know if they offer “flash offers” for a limited time.

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