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Cheap eats in Auckland: a budget-friendly guide

Cheap eats in Auckland: a budget-friendly guide

In New Zealand there is no traditional food, although the Maori have dishes and techniques of their culture that have been adapted to recent generations but are still very typical of this ethnic group. The country has a strong Asian influence and also a strong European and Indian presence. The most fascinating thing is to have the opportunity to eat in places from so many parts of the world and to be able to venture out and try new recipes. Here we will share with you a list of cheap restaurants to eat out in Auckland, the most populated city and economic capital of New Zealand. The idea of traveling to another country is to open your mind and discover new flavors, fusions and expand your culinary culture. Take the opportunity to get out of the ordinary and avoid falling into fast food restaurants.



It is a family restaurant chain. The menu is detailed with photos, prices and description. It is Asian food, but it is very well balanced. If you want a rich and filling soup for 17 dollars you will find it here. There is an abundant selection of non-alcoholic beverages such as lemonade, watermelon water and other typical bubble drinks. The coffee has a touch of chocolate.

Non Solo Pizza


It is in Parnell, very close to the city of Auckland. It opened its doors in 1997 and was created by an Italian named Antonio and a Kiwi named Viviane. Today it is one of the favorite restaurants of the locals. We recommend the fried calamari, risotto and pizza from their rustic oven. Favorite pizza: prosciutto crudo and arugula. It has cured ham, mushroom, mozzarella, cream, rocket and shaved parmesan.

The Humerus


It opened a few years ago and brought with it a Latin corner from across the bridge. It is in Takapuna, on the North Shore. It's not all arepas and guaro in Colombia, and Mexico also has its carne asada. And to drink there is sangria, but they have more options like Colombian beer, wine and soft drinks.



It is a Vietnamese type restaurant that is known for its soups. It has a very varied selection of Vietnamese food and several branches in the city. It is a place to eat cheap and gamble for a chicken rice noodles soup. The size is big so you won't need to order a starter.

Farina Pizzeria


It is located in Ponsonby, a very cozy place. Here we can recommend their oven baked pizzas and Neapolitan type, where the real Italian pizza comes from. You can accompany the pizza with an Italian wine or a beer.

The range of food in New Zealand is very varied. You can opt for Asian, Italian, European or Latin food. Experience all you want with food for a really cheap price.

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