The 6 essentials your baby needs for the beach

The 6 essentials your baby needs for the beach

Summer is here again and that means a lot more time at the beach surfing, sunbathing, and taking care of your little ones while trying to build a sandcastle made of buckets that can (barely) withstand the impact of a mild wave.

Long hours at the beach also mean you need to think about how to protect your baby from sun exposure, dehydration, and most importantlyโ€ฆ boredom! Here are some of the absolute essentials your baby needs for the beach.

Baby beach bag

It's important to have a beach bag to make sure you never forget anything your baby needs for a day in the sun. Sure, you can take your regular baby bag, but chances are you are going to forget something at home while you are busy checking everything else and getting your kid in the car.

Swim diapers

Waterproof beach diapers are an absolute must-have in your baby bag. You can choose between disposable swim diapers or reusable swim diapers, which are more environmentally friendly but a bit messier to clean and carry. Some beach diapers also have UV protection and that is a huge plus to keep your baby safe.

Sun protection shirt

Babies have thinner skin and that makes them a lot more sensitive when spending time in the sun. Sun protection shirts are an excellent option for babies, especially because they can't use sunscreen before they are six months old. Ideally, you want to get shirts with dark colors and a tight-weave fabric to improve skin protection. You can even get one-piece swimsuits that cover the whole body, some of them even have hoodies to protect their heads.

Baby Beach Pool

Not the most usual accessory, we know, but beach pools can be one of the best items to take with you. Since babies can not spend a lot of time in the water, beach pools are the perfect solution to keep them wet, happy, and safe. Pop-up pools are easy to set up and usually come with a roof to keep your baby safe from the sun. Plus, they are affordable.

Beach Shoes

Do you know what's hot and uncomfortable? sand. Your baby loves to explore the world, especially if he or she is starting to walk. Hot sand can hurt your little one and make him or her afraid of stepping on it. Luckily there are beach shoes designed to solve this problem and provide the right traction in the sand.

Baby Sunglasses

Some may think baby sunglasses make babies look cool, and they do. But they also protect against the sun and allow them to see better during a hot summer day. There are many brands to pick from, but always remember to look for certified products since cheap sunglasses can be just as bad as no glasses at all.