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¿Do you dare to layering?

¿Do you dare to layering?

Fashion comes and goes from trend to trend. When it comes to jewellery, what's hot in New Zealand is layering. Let's see what it's all about so that your next look will have everyone talking.

Layering is a fashion movement that was born in the 2000s. Its main feature is the layering of different elements to create a unique composition. This is how we have been able to see t-shirts over t-shirts or trousers over tights, among others.

Jewellery is not left behind and this year this phenomenon has been seen again in the streets of New Zealand with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories in layering mode. If you want to know how to wear this style check out this guide.

Ladder or pyramid

When thinking about layering necklaces it is important to give hierarchy to our combination. This is why the model that leads the way is the ladder or pyramid. It consists of forming the pieces in a way that they are staggered from longer to shorter, making them look amazing on your neck and chest.

It is not piling up

Layering is not putting one thing on top of another. For each part of the composition to show off there must be space between them. When laying out an element, make sure you leave space for the next piece to fit in. This way you will be able to appreciate the combination better, otherwise it will just be a set of bijou.

Materials and textures

Free your imagination. If there is one thing layering allows us to play with textures, shapes and materials. You can go to any jewellery shop in New Zealand and choose different options with their own imprint but that all combine together. Mixing elements is also another option. Crosses can go with stones, symbols with leather.


Layering is not only for necklaces. It is also applied to make our ears look amazing. You can choose to combine different sizes of earrings or different colours that make you look amazing. You don't need to have holes in your ears, in supermarkets or shops in New Zealand you can usually find options with earring loops for your ear.

On your wrists As with earrings, layering bracelets is a popular choice for New Zealand women. It's a great way to add colour and sparkle to a basic shirt. Unlike the neck, the arms tend to blend more with the movement of the arms, so we suggest you pay more attention to what you wear. Small or thin bracelets can be underneath a big element and get lost.


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