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Tupperware is an American home products line that includes preparation, storage, and serving products for the kitchen and home. Tupperware develops, manufactures, and internationally distributes its products as a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent company Tupperware Brands.

The history of TUPPERWARE: what is TUPPERWARE?

Tupperware was developed in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper in Leominster, Massachusetts. Earl Silas developed plastic containers used in households to contain food and keep it airtight, which featured a then-patented "burping seal".

Tupper’s product succeeded with the emergence of the "sale through presentation" idea, held in a party setting. Tupperware developed a direct marketing strategy to sell products known as the Tupperware party, an idea that was recognised by Brownie Wise when she realised Tupperware's potential as a commodity. Wise started to throw these Tupperware parties which enabled women of the 1950s to earn an income while keeping their focus in the domestic domain. It didn’t take long until it quickly began gaining more and more popularity. As a result, Brownie Wise was made vice president of marketing in 1951.

Tupperware expanded to other countries, reaching New Zealand more than 40 years ago and it is now sold in almost 100 countries across the world. The tradition of Tupperware's "Jubilee" style events continues to this day, with rallies being held in major cities to recognize and reward top-selling and top-recruiting individuals, teams, and organizations.

What kind of products can I find at TUPPERWARE?

Tupperware offers a wide range of home products for their customers. Among these you may find plastic containers, beverage pitchers, serving dishes, mugs, pantry stackers, baby feeding sets, cutting boards, bowls, forks and knives, plates, fridgemates and freezzermates, casseroles, dispensers, and bottles, among many others.

What brands can I find at TUPPERWARE?

Tupperware sells and distributes only their own branded products under their Tupperware label.


How to save mony at TUPPERWARE?

There are many ways of saving money with Tupperware. Check out Tupperware’s website for their Special Offers section to discover their lowest priced products and their limited stock items. Save up to 40% off your purchase and get matching sets for free. Don’t forget to look through their Clearance section available for customers.

Meet TUPPERWARE's competitors

Tupperware’s main competitors include other home products retailers and lines such as Sistema Plastics, Storage Box, The Home Store, Briscoes, and Farmers.

TUPPERWARE exclusive benefits

Customers can enjoy many benefits by subscribing for email updates and receiving exclusive specials, recipes and guides delivered right to your inbox. You can also earn TupperPoints for every $1 you spent purchasing their products which you can use on your future purchases.

Discounts offered by TUPPERWARE

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